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New Release: The Writing on the Wall

The Holidays are here!

I know... The real holiday season has just ended, and now it's time for hearts, and pinks and reds all over the place because Valentine's Day is right around the corner. (Reminder for those of us who need to buy gifts).

This book isn't centered around those hearts, though. It's about Weston White meeting someone right after being dumped and not expecting it to happen. It's about the silly gifts they get each other because they weren't ready for Valentine's Day at all. And it's about the friendships of the group of 6 women who met years ago and are more family than friends.

Weston's book kicks off the whole thing, so grab your copy now because The Block Party, which is about Talon and her future love, Emerson, will be out before you know it.


The Writing on the Wall is also on AUDIBLE!

You can pick up the e-book, paperback, or the audiobook today.

And work on the other books in The Holiday Series on audio is already underway!


The Writing on the Wall