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Image by Simone Dalmeri

I like to challenge myself when I write, so a while ago, I decided to try my hand at erotica. I posted a serial erotica novel every couple of weeks on my site, and people enjoyed it so much, they asked if I’d release it as a novel, which I did. Once a Month is a true stand-alone story that was originally written as a serial, which is why the formatting is a little different than some of my other books. 


Publishing Once a Month gave me the encouragement I needed to write more erotic novels, so I continued with Voyeur, which also stands alone. It’s about a provocative art show and a woman who runs it meeting a guest who is ready to explore a side of herself that she never understood before. Welcome to Erotic Romance!

She has a fantasy she wants to explore and has the means to do it. Joining a monthly sex club was never part of her big life plan, but the desire to explore that part of herself is too intense, the pull – too strong. The first month she goes, she meets a woman who is every bit her type, but flees. Each month she returns to find the same woman working the event to enjoy one night with her. One night per month is all she thinks she’ll ever get. Only she finds herself wanting more than one night, wanting to know her name, learn about her life, see her outside of their arrangement. Should she risk it, or keep things just the way they are?

In Once a Month, there’s a Member and an Escort. Each month, there are two sides to the story of their time together, and over the course of the year, they discover the fantasies they’ve not shared with others before. They also discover that this might be more than just fantasy.

Honor Wrenley is ready to explore, but she’s hesitant. When she comes across an ad for an art installation unlike any other, she resists before finally giving in. The exhibit is one about the freedom to be oneself, along with exploring inner desires, and Honor can’t stop herself from going back for more.

Silver Kincade hasn’t ever had a problem expressing herself or going after what she wants. She believes that sex is something meant to be enjoyed, and frequently. She also believes in love, so finding someone who wants what she wants has always been on her mind. For now, though, as the director of the newest art exhibit in town, she’s focused on bringing in clientele and enjoying herself.

When Silver sees Honor taking in the exhibit, something about the woman draws Silver to her. Will Honor be what Silver’s been looking for all along, or will she want something Silver can’t give her?

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