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Before we begin…


For the “I don’t want to invest in a series yet" crowd, if you haven’t read any of my books, you might want to get to know my style a little bit first, so I recommend The Meet Cute Café.


This book is a series of 8 connected short stories based in and around The Meet Cute Café. Each story is a little different from the last, and you’ve got some pretty classic tropes in there as well (first love, secret crush, love after 40, setup/blind date, and more).


If you’ve got friends who haven’t read my books and want to know a little about my style before investing in a full series or even one of my stand-alones, The Meet Cute Café might be a good place to start.


You can also subscribe to my newsletter as my newsletter subscribers get access to a free 40k novella called Cabin Crasher, a wintery, celebrity romance.

Years ago, two women met outside a café. Later, they would buy that café together and make it part of their community. People met there for a cup of great coffee or a fresh pastry, and they’d strike up conversations, make new friends, check in on the hot gossip, and in some cases, meet the loves of their lives.

In The Meet Cute Café, you’ll find eight love stories. Some women went there with a purpose in mind. Others were just grabbing a cup of coffee and met someone they could fall in love with.

Join all of these women as they discover a bit of themselves, find a home at a café, and have a little meet-cute of their own.

A year after having her heart broken by the woman she thought she’d spend the rest of her life with, Chloe is celebrating the anniversary of that heartbreak by spending a couple of weeks alone in a remote mountain cabin. Preferring to keep her life controlled and liking things to be planned, she’s unpleasantly surprised when a knock at her door changes the two weeks of isolation she’d planned for herself.

When a snowstorm knocks out the power in the remote cabin she’d rented for a week after a press scandal, Savannah goes to the only other cabin she can find on the mountain, hoping that someone inside will rescue her from the fast-approaching blizzard. The pop star, known around the world, hasn’t exactly planned for a blizzard or a hike through the woods, and the woman she meets at her rescue cabin seems to not want to be disturbed.

In this opposites-attract, forced-proximity novella, you’ll watch Chloe take down a few walls as she and Savannah grow close in a winter storm. 

Step 1:


Let’s begin here with Fresh Start. This is the first original novel (post my fanfiction days) that I ever wrote. It was meant to be a stand-alone, but after moving the characters to Chicago, I decided to add to that universe, and we have the Chicago Series now.


To fully enjoy the Chicago Series, read Fresh Start first. Follow that up with The Best Lines, Just Tell Her, Love Walked into The Lantern, and What Happened After: The Chicago Series Finale.


If you’re not into romance with a side of crime, Fresh Start might not be for you. In that case, you can technically read The Best Lines without it, but since Hannah & Alyssa are heavily featured in the rest of the series, I don’t recommend it.


I’d recommend checking out the Celebrities Series first if you’d like to start somewhere else on your journey and not begin with a story that contains some crime.

Step 2:


From here, you can veer more into my publication order or you can check out another series


Let’s talk about the San Francisco Series next since characters from the Chicago Series appear. Checking the Right Box is where to begin, but soon, I’m going to recommend taking a turn into the Tahoe Series, which is a spin-off from this series. 


After you finish Checking the Right Box, read Keep Tahoe Blue, Tahoe Series Book 1. Kellan, a main character in that book, begins in San Francisco and goes to Tahoe on a vacation, but she ends up staying there when she falls in love. 


After you finish Keep Tahoe Blue, come back over here to read Macon’s Heart, This Above All, and What Happened After: The San Francisco Series Finale. This will ensure the timeline all makes sense.

Step 3:


Since you’ve read Keep Tahoe Blue already, you’re ready for Time of Day, book 2 in this series. After you read Kinsley & Riley’s story, check out The Perfect View, Begin Again, and What Happened After: The Tahoe Series Finale to wrap up with most of these characters.

I say most because Macon Greene and Joanna, who first appear in the San Francisco Series and continue here, make brief appearances in the Boston Series. You can either veer into another series or some stand-alones here or keep going in this same universe. So, let’s make some recommendations.

Step 4:


In the Boston Series, Macon & Joanna appear, so it’s recommended that you read at least the San Francisco Series before you read Boston. You’ll also hear mention of other past characters, so I recommend starting with the Chicago Series to be safe and have everything make sense for you.


Then, you can read Let Go, The Right Fit, All Good Plans, and Around the World, and What Happened After: Boston Series Finale.

Step 5:


The Celebrities Series is the next stop on our journey.


I wrote the whole Chicago Series first, but then, I wrote All the Love Songs as a stand-alone book. Later, people asked me to write Dani & Peyton’s story (side characters in All the Love Songs), so I wrote that prequel and called it No After You.


I recommend starting with No After You, then reading All the Love Songs.


Follow that up with Midnight Tradition, Path Forward, and What Happened After: The Celebrities Series Finale.

Step 6:


At this time in your journey, you might be interested in trying out one of my stand-alone books.


This is where my recommendations might depend on your mood or what you want to read, so let’s try this out.


The Moments is a young adult, new adult, and adult book all wrapped into one. It tells the story of two paths. In one path, Bailey asks Jenna out at their high school graduation. In the other path, she doesn’t. What follows is two versions of their story over the next ten years.


Don’t worry, there’s a happy ending for both paths, but there’s a lot of angst to get there.

Bailey Sayers has a decision to make. That decision will impact her entire life. If she says something, she risks embarrassment and her heart. If she doesn’t say something, she may never know if Jenna Cabot feels the same way about her.

In Path I, Bailey risks it all and asks Jenna out on a date on their high school graduation day.

In Path II, Bailey does not ask Jenna out on a date on their high school graduation day.

What follows in both paths is Bailey and Jenna’s story. It’s the most important moments that make up their lives together and apart. It’s the story of how they were always drawn together and always would be. It’s the ups and the downs, the perfect moments and the difficult ones. It’s the tears and the laughter. And it’s the drive to make forever possible with the love of your life no matter the circumstances.

Step 7:


The Fire is now the first book in the Fire Universe, but when I first wrote it, it was a stand-alone novel. There’s a crime with this romance, so keep that in mind.

Since this is a full series now, I’ll recommend The Disappeared next, which features one character from The Fire, but is otherwise a stand-alone story.

After that, and especially if you like crime in your romances, you should check out The Kidnapped and The System, two books where there’s a lot of love and a different crime featured.

If you read The Disappeared and find yourself wanting to know what happened to Noah, those books 3 & 4 are a must.

Step 8:


One easy book to check out for a quick and easy read after reading about all that crime is the Proposal Series. It’s a series of short scenes covering the proposals of some of the characters that I didn’t show in the books. It’s more added bonus content than complete short stories or a novella.

When a book ends with two people in love, sometimes, we get to see the characters move in together, get engaged, get married, have kids, or start all over in another city. In some of my books, the couples get engaged, while in others, they take some of those different steps.

I write the endings that I think would be perfect for those characters. Then, I often catch myself wondering how they got engaged. Who proposed? How did she do it? Since I only write that moment in some of my books, I decided to write the proposal scenes for the books that didn’t include them.

It gives you a glimpse into one of the most important moments in the lives of these characters. I hope you enjoy one more moment of love between two women as they share their lives together.

Featured couples:

  • Charlie & Hailey (Just Tell Her)

  • Kenna and Ripley (The Fire)

  • Dylan & Ada (The Disappeared)

  • Macon & Joanna (Macon's Heart)

  • Hillary & Amara (This Above All)

  • Kellan & Reese (Keep Tahoe Blue)

  • Kinsley & Riley (Time of Day)

  • Adler & Morgan (The Perfect View)

  • Chris & Paxton (Begin Again)

  • Dani & Peyton (No After You)

  • Kenzie & Lennox (All the Love Songs)

NOTE: If you want to own Proposals on Kindle, here's where you can find this edition.

Step 9:


Let’s check out another stand-alone. If you’re interested in a new adult story, I’d recommend Love Forged, which is a friends-to-lovers, spicy, quick read where both characters do a lot of traveling and mix that in with a lot of self-discovery.


If new adult isn’t your thing, you might be interested in Reality Check, a book about two women falling in love while they film a reality competition show. You’ll read about their differences, the competition itself, and how one player reforms for love.

Maybe you like TV, but reality TV isn’t your thing. Check out The Show Must Go On here. This is a story about a showrunner and the TV star she met before she became her boss and how they work together and try to make it work.

Tate Antonio has been without her father for nearly thirteen years. He left one day and never came back. Tate had given up on hearing from her father ever again when a strange letter arrives in the mailbox of her apartment that she shares with her best friend since birth, Flynn McEntire. Born just two weeks apart, the two girls grew into women with a plan. They would attend the same university and later, medical school. They would be in the other’s wedding party when they married the men of their dreams.

The problem with that plan? Tate has no idea that Flynn’s dream has changed, and Flynn wonders if Tate will ever realize she’s in love with her. The other problem? Tate’s father has left her a letter and a lot of confusing information to sort through. That sorting takes Tate and Flynn on a summer journey that will have implications for the rest of their lives.

Will Tate find her father? Will she find the love she was always meant to have? Will she find herself in the process? Can she find it all?

Cali Banks lost her job and needs money fast. When her best friend tries to sign Cali up to appear on a reality show where contestants complete ridiculous challenges for cash and prizes, Cali tells her she’s crazy. When she gets a call back for an audition, she thinks there’s no chance the show will be interested in her boring life. Little does she know; that’s just what they’re looking for. When Cali agrees to go, she’s thinking about keeping her head down and trying to win as much cash as possible so that she won’t lose her apartment and have to move back in with her parents.

Dayton Maine is a reality show mainstay. She’s already done three and has been asked back for a fourth by the Berserk producers. Dayton understands she’s there to bring the drama. She has no problem doing that. She also has no problem hooking up with her fellow female contestants should the opportunity arise. She loves the challenges and the thrill of the chase. She’s there for the fun and the fame.

When the two meet, it isn’t exactly love or lust at first sight. Dayton thinks Cali is a hermit who judges the rest of them. Cali’s pretty sure Dayton’s just there to reconnect with an old flame and get as much camera time as possible. While the cast members get kicked off one by one, though, the two women find common ground mixed in with a whole lot of differences. Dayton finds herself in a new position, chasing a woman for more than just one night, and Cali finds herself trying to live in the moment and trust that this woman might be the one she had been waiting for all along.

Baker Eagan has just wrapped the TV show she created and ran for the past five years of her life. She’s ready for a break and to refocus on her writing, and the last thing she wants to do is go to her agent’s birthday party. Little does she know that her agent plans to play matchmaker.

Casey Jinx is the lead actress on a hit TV show. She’s also out and proud and happy to be playing a lesbian character on network TV. When she goes to a birthday party for her agent’s wife, she’s almost immediately introduced to Baker. Within minutes, Casey finds herself completely taken with the somewhat shy writer.

The two women hit it off instantly and discover they want more than just a chat at a birthday party. Unfortunately for them, though, Baker was just offered the job of executive producer on Casey’s show, making Baker Eagan her new boss.

Their romance begins quickly and intensely, but once Baker takes the job, their relationship is left behind. Will they find a way to get back what they’ve lost? Or, will they let the show get between something they’ve both felt so strongly about? After all, the show must go on.

Step 10:


Let’s take a break from the true stand-alone stories and talk about the Sports Series. This is a series of 8 books connected by theme, not characters. That means that you can easily read one or two, but skip some or read them out of order if you want.


I don’t recommend that because while they’re not entirely connected by characters, in one book, I do mention a couple of characters, and in the final book of the series, those characters do appear, but you can read them, enjoy them, and not miss anything at the same time. 


So, if you’re ready to read about a lot of sports, check out Always More, A Shot at Gold, The Unexpected Dream, Finding a Keeper, Making it Count, Side by Side, Crashing into Love, and Spin Serve.


There is also a novella in this universe called Emily & Alison: The Beginning, which I’d recommend reading after Finding a Keeper, Sports Series #4. To read it, create a subscriber account on my site, and you’ll get free access.

Step 11:


Let’s check out another stand-alone.


This time, I’ll recommend another young adult story called Pride Festival, in the IHeartSapphfic Pride Collection.


I wrote this brief novella as part of the pride collection with other great authors. It stands on its own, as do all of the books in that collection, and it's a quick read about four young people discovering who they are and what they want to be all while starting a Pride festival in their small town.

Step 12:


Are you a fan of erotica? If not, you might want to move on past this step.


If you are a fan, though, check out Once a Month next on your journey. It’s important to note that Once a Month is the 1st erotica novel I wrote, but that I didn’t write it as a novel. I wrote it as a serial that I posted every other week on my website for free for subscribers. While doing this, many readers asked me to publish it, so I did, but when you read, you’ll probably pick up that serial vibe to it. 


And before you exit the erotica step, check out Voyeur next. One of my best sellers; this is a story of a woman meeting someone at an erotic art show. They begin an unconventional relationship in this very, very spicy novel that you should also check out in audio. ;)

She has a fantasy she wants to explore and has the means to do it. Joining a monthly sex club was never part of her big life plan, but the desire to explore that part of herself is too intense, the pull – too strong. The first month she goes, she meets a woman who is every bit her type, but flees. Each month she returns to find the same woman working the event to enjoy one night with her. One night per month is all she thinks she’ll ever get. Only she finds herself wanting more than one night, wanting to know her name, learn about her life, see her outside of their arrangement. Should she risk it, or keep things just the way they are?

In Once a Month, there’s a Member and an Escort. Each month, there are two sides to the story of their time together, and over the course of the year, they discover the fantasies they’ve not shared with others before. They also discover that this might be more than just fantasy.

Honor Wrenley is ready to explore, but she’s hesitant. When she comes across an ad for an art installation unlike any other, she resists before finally giving in. The exhibit is one about the freedom to be oneself, along with exploring inner desires, and Honor can’t stop herself from going back for more.

Silver Kincade hasn’t ever had a problem expressing herself or going after what she wants. She believes that sex is something meant to be enjoyed, and frequently. She also believes in love, so finding someone who wants what she wants has always been on her mind. For now, though, as the director of the newest art exhibit in town, she’s focused on bringing in clientele and enjoying herself.

When Silver sees Honor taking in the exhibit, something about the woman draws Silver to her. Will Honor be what Silver’s been looking for all along, or will she want something Silver can’t give her?

Step 13:


If you skipped my erotica novels or you’re here because you finished those, let’s cool things down a bit and check out the Holiday Series. In this series, we’ve got 6 friends falling in love with their soulmates over the course of a year in holidays. This series is not connected to any of my other series, so you can read the whole series whenever you’d like. You don’t have to start with Chicago, San Francisco, Tahoe or Boston first. 


Check out The Writing on the Wall first to be introduced to the series. Then, things heat up a little again in the hot-for-boss romance, The Block Party. Follow that up with the second-chance, dual-timeline story, The Fireworks. Then, The Sweet Escape will give you some secret crush, family relationship vibes. You’ll heat back up with a no-strings-attached romance in The Misperception, and in book 6, you’ll watch the shiest of the friend group, Scarlet, find her love in The Wait is Over. Finish the whole series off with What Happened After: The Holiday Series Finale, which takes you ten years into the future for our couples.


I do NOT recommend skipping books in this series or reading these out of order because they are very connected.

Step 14:


Let’s say you’re ready for another series. Perhaps, it’s even a series about royals.


Well, I’ve got that for you here. The Royalty Series is unconnected to any of my other works, so you can read it whenever you’d like, but if you’re here now, let’s go through it a bit.


In Ascending, you’ll encounter a family tragedy that leads a reporter to interview a new queen and then fall in love with her.


In Appointing, you’ll find another new queen who’s clumsy around her private secretary because she’s madly in love with her. 


Arriving takes you on a journey with a woman who didn’t know she was royalty, inheriting the crown of a war-torn county all while she falls for her bodyguard.


Awaiting brings it all home with the story of the princess of the UK who falls for an American she’s had a secret crush on for a while now.


Once finished, make sure to check out the Royalty Series Wrap Up, which is essentially a “What Happened After” of sorts and is free on my site.

Step 15:


Now, if you’re interested in things like sci-fi or time travel, I’ve got a few recommendations for you.

If you’re not, though, that’s okay; I still have a pretty big catalog for you to enjoy.


I’d start with Future Wife, which is a stand-alone novel featuring a time traveling love story. 


Then, you can check out SoulMatch, which is more true science fiction and takes place in a future world where they can build people's soulmates. Or so they say. 


Next, you can go back a little in time in that universe to read TruLove, where you’ll see how SoulMatch world comes to be.


No characters from SoulMatch appear in TruLove as it takes place in a less far-off future than SoulMatch, and both books can stand on their own.

Imagine meeting a stranger one day, only for that stranger to say, “I’m your future wife.” This is exactly what happens to Carter when she heads out of town for work. There’s one problem with this: Carter is already married, and not to this stranger.

Ryder has been working on time travel since she was a little kid listening to her great-grandmother tell stories of the past. Inspired by one of them, Ryder decides to put her scientific mind to task and is determined to build a time travel device that would right a wrong in her great-grandmother’s past.

When Carter meets Ryder outside of a café, she looks exactly like a younger version of the stranger who has given Carter some specific instructions about being at this exact café at this exact time because it would change Carter’s life.

Does Carter believe in time travel? Can Ryder possibly be the woman she should have been with all along? Join Ryder and Carter as they go on a journey through time, risk their lives, and maybe even fall in love.

As long as people look for love, someone will be there trying to make a profit on it.

SoulMatch promises people soulmates created just for them. The person simply needs to tell them what they want, give a little DNA, answer some questions, and in twenty-three years, a soulmate who loves them and is perfect for them in every way will be delivered. As people start creating soulmates for their children so that they don’t have to go out and find love themselves, the industry is booming.

But Theodora knows she wasn’t made for the man she’s supposed to marry in a few short months. She knows that because she doesn’t and can’t love any man – she was meant to love a woman. When one day, her best friend goes missing and a new student of SoulMatch School shows up in her place, everything changes fast for Theodora.

Avalon knows the secret of SoulMatch. When they’d tried to get her to conform, she’d resisted. Now, she’s the only one who can bring them down. She just needs a little help, and she thinks she can get it from the one person she’s been told to trust. The fact that Avalon is falling for that person and not for the man she’s meant to marry soon only complicates things further, but Avalon will have her revenge.

Avalon and Theodora will bring SoulMatch down because lives are at stake, and not just their own.

In an ever-changing and complex world, it can be hard to find love. But there’s a new company called TruLove, and they offer people a chance to take a few tests and receive a list of the top ten people on the planet that they could be happy with. No more of this ‘one person in the world for each person.’ TruLove has been growing ever more popular as more and more people decide to get their lists, reach out to their connections, and go in search of love.

Arden was forced to take the TruLove test as a teenager by her heartbroken mother who didn’t want Arden to be miserable like her. But it’s not until Arden gets injured as an adult and has no one to come to the hospital that her list is actually revealed to her against her wishes. People begin to show up, wanting to meet their connection, but Arden isn’t interested.

Freya only took the test because her partner at the time convinced her to do it. After finding out they weren’t on each other’s lists, that partner left Freya heartbroken and hating TruLove and everything it stood for. When she later gets a call telling her that one of her connections is in the hospital, Freya doesn’t know what to do. Deciding to see Ardern after all, she can’t seem to stay away now.

The only problem is that TruLove might not be about love at all. And when Arden discovers that, it puts her and Freya in unexpected danger.

NOTE: While TruLove is a prequel to SoulMatch, it takes place centuries earlier, so there are no repeat characters in this world’s origin story.

Step 16:


If you’re here, that probably means you’ve read everything I’ve published or close to it, so, thank you!


You might want to check out some of the free scenes I have on my site or you’re ready for my new releases, so be sure to get the updates about those in my newsletter.

Image by Courtney Hedger
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