Reading Order


  • The Fire

  • The Disappeared

The Fire and The Disappeared are books that could be read as stand-alones, but their characters overlap in The Disappeared as one of The Fire's MCs brings together the MCs from The Disappeared, so it's better to read The Fire first to follow the context in chronological order.

  • The Moments

  • Reality Check

  • Love Forged

  • The Show Must Go On

The Moments, Reality Check, Love Forged, and The Show Must Go On are not connected to any other book, so they can be read in any order you choose.

  • The Meet Cute Café

The Meet Cute Café features 8 love stories that are interconnected in one book. At the center of the book is the café itself that unites all the couples' stories together.

  • Pride Festival

Pride Festival is part of I Heart SapphFic Pride Collection as a themed book about Pride and is not connected by characters and/or universe to the books in the collection.


Chicago Series:

  • Fresh Start

Intro to the series. The MCs don't start in Chicago, but they later move and are heavily featured in the series.

  • The Best Lines

  • Just Tell Her

  • Love Walked into The Lantern

One of the featured characters in the Chicago Series moves to San Francisco in the last book, which gives way to a new branch, The San Francisco Series.

San Francisco / Tahoe Series:

  • Checking the Right Box (San Francisco Series)

  • Keep Tahoe Blue (Tahoe Series)

Keep Tahoe Blue is introduced mid-series for San Francisco, and is recommended for reading after Checking the Right Box and before Macon's Heart as one of the four friends from Checking the Right Box moves to Lake Tahoe, starting The Tahoe Series, and it takes place before book #2 in The San Francisco Series.

  • Macon's Heart (San Francisco Series)

  • This Above All (San Francisco Series)

The San Francisco Series ends with This Above All, and we are back to Tahoe:

  • Time of Day (Tahoe Series)

  • The Perfect View (Tahoe Series)

  • Begin Again (Tahoe Series)

Boston Series:

  • Let Go

Let Go slightly overlaps with Macon's Heart through Macon Greene from The San Francisco Series, and for Macon's back story it's better to read Macon's Heart first.

  • The Right Fit

  • All Good Plans

  • Around the World


Celebrities Series:

This series doesn't overlap with other series and has the following books order:

  • No After You

  • All the Love Songs

  • Midnight Tradition

  • Path Forward

Sports Series:

This series is related by a sports theme, not by characters.

  • Always More

  • A Shot at Gold

  • The Unexpected Dream

  • Finding a Keeper

Holiday Series:

This is a 6-book series in-progress, being released in 2022.

  • The Writing on the Wall

  • The Block Party

  • The Fireworks