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The Holiday Series was an idea that came to me one day and didn’t leave until I wrote it. The stories feature holidays throughout the year, but the driving force behind them are the friendships of the six women, starting off at the end of one year and going to the end of the next. We get to watch them all fall in love. Some of them meet new people. Others, get another chance with a long-lost love. Some books are sassy. Others are more sappy. In The Holiday Series, you get a chance to meet a group of close friends and watch them find ways to maintain those friendships while they all grow and meet their soulmates. Welcome to the Holiday Series!

This is book #1 in the Holiday Series.

Weston White just got dumped right before the New Year and hasn’t ever felt particularly lucky in love. Her only love has been writing and working on this novel she’s been trying to finish for years now. Finally, feeling like she’s ready to put it out to the world, she decides to get a literary agent to help her get published. Little does she know, her book getting published would be the second best thing to happen to her this year.

Annie Halifax is the third generation part-owner of The Halifax Agency, a literary agency that’s been dying on the vine for years with the advent of self-publishing. Her job is to carry the torch for the family and ensure the agency doesn’t go under on her watch. When her father decides to retire and, instead, puts her uninterested and sometimes flighty older sister in charge, Annie is left to figure out why and find her new place, either at the agency or somewhere else entirely.

When Weston meets Annie, she’s taken aback instantly, but navigating through getting her first book published while also falling in love with the agent representing her, isn’t easy. And with Annie trying to find out what her future looks like at the agency on top of it, things get complicated.

Watch these two women try to make things work just in time for Valentine’s Day.

This is book #2 in the Holiday Series.

Talon Mitchell had gotten a job right out of college, had her own coffee mug at the office that no one else could use, and planned to keep her job as sales manager for a long time because she had practically grown up working for this company. She was content and not looking for anything when a new sales director showed up and changed everything.

Emerson Bagley just got a new job, and while she felt ready for the next step, when she sees someone she recognizes from a holiday party working on the same team, she can’t believe her luck, both good and bad. Good, because Talon Mitchell was very attractive, very smart, and seemingly, very interested in Emerson, too. Bad, because she couldn’t date someone who worked for her, especially in her brand-new job.

Feeling the simmering heat begin to boil over, the two women decide to at least take one step and deal with the rest later. When neither of them had been prepared to seek out love, they managed to find it where they least expected it.

This is book #3 in the Holiday Series.

Aria Bancroft had been in love exactly one time. It didn’t go well, and ever since, she’s been floundering. Choosing sex over relationships and working as a freelance editor more to have something to do than anything else, worked for a time. But as her friends begin to couple off with their new girlfriends, Aria begins to wonder if she can ever feel that kind of love again.

London Carlson met a girl in high school and fell in love. After moving away, she tried to find that kind of connection with other women, but it was never the same. London focused on her friendships instead, and with two of those friends, she decided to open a bakery that happened to be in the same city where that long-lost love lived now.

It was July 4th, and Aria had just gotten back from Europe. She didn’t want to go to the annual fireworks display downtown, but her friends wouldn’t let her off the hook. Seeing the woman she’d only known as a teenager, shook Aria to her core, and she couldn’t believe the girl she’d once thought to be the love of her young life was standing right in front of her. Now that they’re both adults, can they put their past behind them and search for what could still be possible?

This is book #4 in the Holiday Series.

Eleanor Enger met someone special and thought they might have a chance at being more than friends of friends, but then Carmen McClain showed up to a weekend away with those friends with a date attached to her hip, and Ellie knew she’d lost her shot. When her little brother is kicked out of their parents’ house, Eleanor finds herself acting as parent and sorting through his problems while trying to deal with her own.

Carmen McClain just opened a bakery with her two best friends and had planned on having some one-night fun and maybe a casual relationship or two because she didn’t have time for anything serious while being so focused on the business. When her best friend’s new girlfriend came with a lot of close friends as a package, Carmen began spending more time with one of them and started thinking that casual might not be what she wants, after all.

Eleanor’s crush turned into something more, and Carmen realized she didn’t want to be just friends right around the time of her birthday, which happened to be on Halloween, while her holiday-obsessed parents are having a special birthday event for their daughter that they do every year. Watch Eleanor and Carmen fall in love over cupcakes, coffee, and a haunted house.

This is book #5 in the Holiday Series.

Paisley Hill cared about one thing – she was building her company from the ground up without accepting any money from her wealthy family to do it. That was important to Paisley, and she took her job as a consultant seriously, wanting to help companies grow and get more efficient because of her ideas. The one thing Paisley hadn’t cared much about in years, was a relationship. She’d been fine with casual dates and hookups every now and then, but Paisley had watched several of her close friends find love this year, and she tried to push the loneliness and fear of losing her friends to love out of her mind.

Trinity Pascal had an idea one day, told her best friend about it, and now, years later, they were trying to establish their new company with money from investors. Trinity loved problem-solving and brainstorming, but she wasn’t much of a fan of the day-to-day business stuff. When her business-partner-and-best-friend suggests they bring in a consultant to help, Trinity is more than surprised to see her old high school bully, Paisley Hill, walk into the building.

While Trinity definitely remembers Paisley, Paisley doesn’t seem to know who Trinity is, at first. As they navigate their work relationship, and things clearly start to move from beyond work-only, both women have to decide if they’re ready for something that might just be the real thing – right in time for Paisley’s nosy mother to invite Trinity to the family Thanksgiving dinner.

This is book #6 in the Holiday Series.

Scarlet Campbell’s friends had all coupled off, and it had happened this year. All five of them had found love while Scarlet had continued to go back and forth about coming out to her family, and on top of that, she still couldn’t talk to women. Every time she tried, she choked. She got nervous. She said something stupid. As a result, she was still a single nerd who worked as a data analyst and did coding on the side.

Dakota Wagner was new to the marketing team of a software company, tasked with building a customer community. To do that, though, she needed data. When Dakota was sent Scarlet’s way, she found the woman endlessly adorable, so she wanted to get to know more about her other than her fascination with sugar and numbers.

In Scarlet’s eyes, Dakota was sexy, smart, and would have no problem finding a girlfriend easily, so Scarlet didn’t think she’d have a chance. Little did she know that Dakota was exactly who she needed in her life to get the courage to be more herself, conquer her fears, and finally come out to her family.

This is the Holiday Series Finale: a collection of 6 short stories about each featured couple in the Holiday Series. The events take place after each story's respective Epilogue.

Here’s a glimpse into the lives of the ladies of the Holiday Series. Find out what’s been going on with Weston & Annie, Talon & Emerson, Aria & London, Eleanor & Carmen, Paisley & Trinity, and Scarlet & Dakota.

Epilogues are nice, but they’re a snapshot in time. Maybe it’s a year after the book ends, or even just a few months. Maybe there’s a wedding or another life-changing event. Maybe a character announces she’s pregnant. Maybe the characters are moving across the country.

In this group of short stories, you’ll find out about the directions the lives of Holiday Series characters have taken and will take in the coming years, how they’re doing together, how they’re doing at work, and learn about what’s coming next for each of the characters in their relationships.

If you plan to read these, please read all the books in the series first. The context of the main stories is essential for you to enjoy these post-Epilogue vignettes.

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