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Royalty Series Wrap-Up

I didn’t plan on writing a Royalty Series "What Happened After," and, technically, I still haven’t, so don’t get too excited...

But after many - and I mean MANY - requests for more stories from these characters (even after I wrote a few scenes from prompts), I decided to wrap up this year in scenes with not one, not two, not even three, but all four Royalty Series extended scenes.

NOTE: These scenes take place after the conclusion of all four of the Royalty Series books, so if you haven’t finished those yet, I don’t recommend reading these scenes just yet.

I’ll release one of them each week as my final four prompt scenes, and, chronologically, the order of these scenes will be reverse to book publication order, but each of the four couples will have their wrap-up.

I hope you enjoy them and your return to the world of these Princesses and Queens!


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1 Comment

You did a grape job with the follow up!

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