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Nicole Pyland’s Couples Challenge

Welcome to Nicole Pyland’s Couples Challenge! 


This March, I decided to have a little fun. Below, you’ll find a PDF bracket similar to what you see for March Madness for college basketball here in the US.


Now that I have so many books and couples in them, I was able to make a bracket where you can select your favorite couple to win the whole thing. You’ll have some hard choices along the way, though. The pairs were randomly chosen to go against each other, and when I saw the finished bracket, I was definitely scared for some of my own favorites. To make it a 32-pair bracket, some couples were eliminated in a pre-round of votes held in my Facebook Reader Group (join if you’re not already a member), members of which got the exclusive rights to pick the final couples in the bracket.


Here’s how it’ll work: 

  • All you have to do is click the share buttons below and tell your friends about the challenge on either Twitter or FB. (If you share on both, you’ll get 2 entries.)

  • For Facebook, please make sure to TAG ME in the post. This only works if I can see that you posted, so remember to tag. No tag means no entry. No entry means no prize eligibility.





I’m not making you complete a bracket in order to be eligible for a prize, but you'll get additional entries each week you vote. The form collects your email address only so I can tally the votes and have a way of contacting the giveaway winners.

I’m not going to sign you up for anything else. If you wish to subscribe to my newsletter, please do so HERE instead.

You can also download the PDF/JPEG and fill out your bracket. The brackets don't have to be turned in, so this part is really for fun and accessibility. (Note: use white font for editing those.) You can obviously share your bracket and how you did along the way or in the end on social media or with me directly if you choose, but it’s not a requirement for the giveaway.


Each Thursday, I’ll open voting on my site (below), and you can vote for your favorite couple/s to move forward. The following week, you’ll see the next round and who’s in and who’s out. At the end, we’ll have the once-and-for-all (or until I do this again another time) favorite couple from my books. 


Even if you haven’t read all of my books or don’t remember all the couples well, you can still have fun and participate. 


When we have a favorite couple champion announced on March 31st/April 1st, I will put all entries into a giveaway, and the prize is a big one:


  • Grand Prize: Kindle Paperwhite (US or International Edition) for all Amazon-participating markets (i.e., if I can get it to you through Amazon). If I can’t, and I’m able to send you an Amazon gift card, I’ll send you one of those instead. If that doesn’t work, we’ll figure something out. ;) 

  • Two more winners will get to choose one of my titles as an e-book gift. (If outside the US, a gift card of equal value through Amazon.)


I hope you all enjoy participating and picking your favorite couple/s!


Feel free to comment, share, post updates, and everything else all over social media using the tag #NPCouplesChallenge so that others can see and play along.


  • Only one vote per round will count for the couples.

  • Only one vote per round will earn an entry into the giveaway.

  • This round closes on Thursday, March 30th.

  • Results will be announced and posted in a blog on March 31st.

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