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Nicole Pyland’s Bracket Challenge

Welcome to Nicole Pyland’s Bracket Challenge! 

For those of you who didn’t participate in the 1st annual event last year, you might be wondering what I’m talking about. And if you did participate last year, you’ll still want to read up on the way it’ll roll this year.


Last year, every week during the month of March, people voted for their favorite couples in my books. There were 32 couples featured, and previous to that, my Facebook group members got to help select some of the couples that were selected for that Final 32. People voted weekly, and the bracket got smaller and smaller until we had a favorite couple. I drew names from the list of challenge participants, and prizes were awarded.


This year, I’m changing it up a little.


For starters, everyone who participates will be voting for their favorite books (not their favorite couples). There are 64 options to vote for in total this year, meaning the bracket is twice as big as it was in 2023. Now, I don’t have 64 published books just yet, but I am getting close. Since I didn’t want to eliminate a lot of books and do only 32 again, I decided to give some favorite couples from the 2023 challenge an advantage.


The previous year’s top vote-getters will go against a scene that I wrote in 2023 based on submitted prompts in the 1st round of the tournament, giving them a huge advantage going into the next round. I chose the scenes to compete here (they’re all free to read on my site at based on popularity (views/comments, etc). Other top vote-getters from the previous year get to go up against my What Happened After shorts, Proposals, Emily & Alison, or Cabin Crasher (free novella for newsletter subscribers). Every other book contestant is either new to the bracket challenge this year (like the Royalty Series) or wasn’t on the list of top performers last year, so they’ll go up against another novel in the first round. Based on the rules above, everything was randomly selected to then give me (and you) the final bracket. Now, all you have to do is vote for your favorite books each week.


Voting begins on March 17th. You can vote for your favorite books and/or download the bracket copy for yourself.

Each voting round will be open for a week. The final winner will be announced on April 28th.


The prizes are below:


  • 3rd-place winner will receive an audiobook code for any of my available audiobooks (US/UK only due to Audible restrictions)

  • 2nd-place winner will receive a free e-book of any of my available books

  • 1st-place winner will receive a free signed paperback of a book of their choice (shipped internationally)

  • 1 Grand-prize winner will receive it all: an audiobook code, free e-book of their choice, and a signed paperback of their choice


The giveaway winners will be announced alongside the winning book on April 28th!


Happy voting...?


  • As usual, one entry per round will be counted toward the giveaway.

  • This round closes 9 p.m. PST, THURSDAY, April 25.

  • Next episode of the Wife on Wife podcast will be about the brackets.

  • The results and the giveaway winners will be announced on SUNDAY, April 28.

  • Like last year, full breakdown of voting percentages are revealed only after the bracket is complete to not affect the end result.

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