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2024 Bracket Challenge Results

After 6 rounds, the votes are in, and we have a winning book as well as 4 giveaway winners!


This year, favorite books did battle instead of favorite couples from those books, and we had 6 rounds that included 64 novels, novellas, and shorts. There was also unlimited voting allowed until the Elite 8 round, which was a departure from last year.


And the result of those changes was a surprising bracket winner!


I will admit that last year, there was really only one main surprise. You can read more about that in the 2023 blog post if you’d like or listen to this week’s episode of the Wife on Wife podcast, where my wife and I discuss it, but this year… Wow! You all surprised me (and my wife) in a major way.


The 2 books that were in the final round last year went out early. Many prompts (shorts) put up a much bigger fight than I expected. I thought by putting books that performed well last year up against a scene prompt, it would be basically a "bye" for that book, meaning a free round. While the books made it through, the battle was tougher than I expected it to be for a few of them.


I had Ascending winning the whole bracket, but it came in second place to a book I published almost 5 years ago. Macon’s Heart won with 52% of the votes, so it was a fight to the finish, but I still can’t believe that Macon & Joanna’s story won after barely scraping by in the beginning.


Coincidentally, while the bracket challenge was playing out, I was QA-ing Macon’s Heart in audio. We’ve been planning to put the San Francisco Series in audio for about a year now, so as we were watching it make its way through each round, we were laughing because Macon’s Heart in audio went on pre-order yesterday and is now the winner of the bracket challenge as well. We couldn’t have predicted that, either.


For those of you who don’t know, I have a private Facebook group. If you enjoyed this challenge (or didn’t) or didn’t participate for any reason, I’m going to be posting a question to that group in the next couple of weeks to ask for feedback on how to make the challenge even better next year, so if you’re not in the group and want to provide feedback or just join us, now’s a good time to do that.


I hope you all enjoyed the challenge this year, and you can listen to me break down my own bracket and laugh about how wrong I was compared to some of your choices on this week’s Wife on Wife podcast episode.


Giveaway winners were drawn live on the podcast and have since been emailed as well, so congrats to the 4 folks (Bex, Bookworm, Monika, and Carol) who will be receiving prizes for participating!


Thanks to everyone who participated this year!

As promised, the full percentage breakdown by round is below.


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