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Couples Championship Results!

This was the most difficult giveaway I’ve ever done. It pitted favorite against favorite, one of my book babies against another book baby, and I hated it. I also loved it. I’m not sure what that says about me. After randomly choosing couples to face off, which I thought was stressful, watching vote after vote pour in over multiple rounds and seeing couples left behind while others moved on, was even more stressful.

Before the actual reveal, let’s get to a few bracket superlatives, shall we?

Biggest Cinderella Story (The one I didn’t see coming): Kinsley & Riley

I had those two losing in the first round to Ember & Eva from The Best Lines. I had no idea they would go to the Elite 8 and that people loved those two so much. They also beat Ember & Eva in one of the closest matchups – by 6 votes.

Most Obvious: Kenzie & Lennox

All the Love Songs holds a special place in the hearts of many, and I was glad to see it moving through round after round.

Most Difficult Face-Off: It’s a tie because they were all really hard.

Marley & Sloan vs. Kenzie & Lennox was hard for me, but so was Wyatt & Everly vs. Hannah & Alyssa, Paisley & Trinity vs. Morgan & Adler, and... okay – they were all really hard for me.

Closest Race: Paisley & Trinity vs.