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Podcast: "Wife on Wife"

I participate in Q&As and panels periodically and look forward to doing more of this as I continue to write and publish, but one day, my wife came up with the idea for her to ask me questions about my books and for me to answer them in a podcast. Since then, we’ve been hard at work figuring out the best way to do this, considering neither of us has ever had a podcast before.


Here’s what we decided. My wife is going to come up with about 10 or so questions per episode, and we’re going to let people submit questions as well.


Each episode (for the most part) will be about a specific book, and I do not know the questions in advance (so this should be fun/terrifying for me).


We’ll talk a little bit, ask and answer the questions, probably laugh a bit, and talk about what’s in the next episode or what’s coming up in general for me and the books.


Here, you can see the episodes we’ve already recorded, the ones we’ll record next, and, most importantly, a form where you can submit your questions for possible inclusion in an episode.


We won’t go exactly in publication order but will start with some of the older books, so if you have questions about those, I’d get them in sooner rather than later. You can add questions about any book at any time, so if you have something for the Holiday Series or Future Wife, for example, just add them now. We’ll collect them for now and use them later.


I hope you all enjoy this new addition, and if you do like it, please share it with others, follow, subscribe, etc.

If you have questions for Sports Series books, please submit them by May 10th.

List of Episodes:

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