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Flashback: Pride Festival

This book almost didn’t exist. I had my books planned for 2022, and there were already a lot of them. 8, to be exact. That’s more than I usually publish in a year, so I was good to go. But, TB Markinson reached out and asked if I’d be interested in participating with a group of authors in writing a novella about Pride. It needed to be between 30-50K and had to have the theme of Pride, but the rest was up to me.

At first, I wasn’t sure what I’d write about. Not much for a parade, parties, or large groups of people, I’ve never even been to anything Pride-related. Then, I got the idea that a lot of people probably haven’t, and what if there were young people in a tiny town that were coming into their own and had no Pride Parade (or other events) to attend. Maybe they’d make one of their own.

So, the idea for The Pride Festival entered my mind, and I knew I wanted to write it from 4 POVs. I wanted it to be teenagers who were figuring out who they were, who they loved, and making a positive impact on their community because of it.

As I was writing this one, I found I liked it more and more. It’s like nothing else I’ve written before, and it gave me a little hope that the next generation will play a part in making things better for everyone.


Pride Festival

  • Stand-alone Novella

  • Genre: Lesbian Romance, Young Adult Fiction

  • Release Date: June 1st, 2022

  • Formats: Kindle, Paperback (5.25x8")

  • Length: 43,300 words

This book is part of the I Heart SapphFic Pride Collection, which contains eight stand-alone books from some of the top authors in sapphic fiction today. Each one promises a Pride theme and a happy ending. The collection was organized by I Heart SapphFic, which is a website for authors and readers of sapphic fiction to stay up to date on all the latest sapphic fiction news.

Lesbian Romance Novel
Pride Festival by Nicole Pyland

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