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Flashback: Keep Tahoe Blue

It's been exactly 3 years since Keep Tahoe Blue was published. That's crazy to me because it feels like it was only yesterday when I was actually in South Lake Tahoe, not even thinking about basing a book there because I wasn't publishing at that time. Now, it's been years since the book has been written, and years since it's been published. It's the first book in The Tahoe Series, so if you haven't read it yet or wanted to start that series, pick up a copy today!


When I first decided to give Kellan a book, I wasn't going to be writing a whole other series for her to take us to. I was going to write about how she had to get over Keira from Checking the Right Box and move on, and I thought she was the type of character who would take a road trip to get herself into the right frame of mind post-heartbreak. Tahoe entered my mind because I'd made that road trip, and it's a place that's so peaceful and beautiful, you can easily reset there. That was the plan: one book.

Then, Kellan would return to San Francisco with her new love (in some capacity, at least), but I didn't get to figure that part out because I decided to keep Kellan in Tahoe. Reese had a friend group, too, and they were all so engrained in Tahoe, it made sense for Kellan to eventually move there.

When I met Morgan, I knew that if I didn't write a book for her, people would want one, and I wanted to see her happy as well. The rest of the books came to mind after that, and suddenly, there was a Tahoe series.

I liked the idea of Kellan finding herself there, getting the career she'd always wanted, and being the right partner for Reese and Reese for her.

It created some fun complications because Kellan's book was going to be book 2 in The San Francisco Series, so my wife and I had many conversations about what order the books should be released in. Do we finish San Francisco and tell people that Kellan's book takes place before Macon's Heart? Do we go back and forth? As usual, I'm always making my wife's life difficult when it comes to writing series that weren't ever going to be series, but we got there eventually. And then, Kinsley, Morgan, and Chris all got their own love stories.


Keep Tahoe Blue

  • Tahoe Series Book #1

  • Genre: Lesbian Romance

  • Release Date: March 28th, 2019

  • Formats: Kindle, Paperback

  • Print Length: 268 pages

Keep Tahoe Blue by Nicole Pyland. Available on Kindle and Paperback

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