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Flashback: Time of Day

When I first decided to take Kellan to Tahoe and make it a series, I knew I’d start with Kellan’s book, but after that, I wasn’t sure what order to go in. As I was writing Morgan, I knew people would want to read about her, but I wanted to bring Kinsley into the fold, so I decided to write her story first. I wanted to give Kinsley the kind of story where she’s settled in her life as much as she could be, and someone from her past just walks back into her life. I actually had the idea for Kinsley always doing something embarrassing when she sees Riley at first, like taking a big bite of a bagel right when Riley walks in looking all put-together.

Writing Riley’s character, I wanted her to be planning this new life with her partner and have Kinsley really be there for her when that partner lets Riley down because she’s not ready to be herself yet and Riley wants a life with someone. Their relationship unfolded to me from there, and making their story start in college, when Kinsley had a huge crush and Riley didn’t really remember her was just another layer.

Fun fact: With a lot of my books, I have at least one or two titles before I land on the final one, or my wife and I just call them by something else. For example, before the first book in The Holiday Series had a title, we called it Weston or Holiday 1. With Time of Day, though, that was the only title we had for the book. It just seemed to really fit Kinsley and Riley’s story.


Time of Day

  • Tahoe Series Book 2

  • Genre: Contemporary Lesbian Romance

  • Release Date: September 1st, 2019

  • Formats: Kindle, Paperback

  • Length: 65,753 words