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Coming Soon: Making It Count

Back in 2023, I put a poll in my Facebook group and on Twitter asking everyone to pick a series they would like me to return to between the Fire Universe (The Fire & The Disappeared) and the Sports Series (Always More, A Shot at Gold, The Unexpected Dream, and Finding a Keeper). The results were mixed. The Fire Universe won on one platform, and the Sports Series won on the other.


I decided that since I was in a bit of a sporty mood (as in, watching sports because I can no longer play them without hurting myself), which is often around here, I would add to the Sports Series. I thought I might do one more book, but then, my wife and I were talking about what sports to do, and we couldn’t land on just one, so instead, coming your way is a continuation of the Sports Series with four new stand-alone sports-themed books.


The first book in the continuation is called Making it Count, and it is about two college basketball players who are about to make history for their small university just when the pandemic hits and the NCAA cancels the rest of the season. I’d wanted to write a book about college athletes at the beginning of the pandemic since 2020, when a lot of hopes and dreams were dashed as the season had to end abruptly, and the NCAA decided to give all the athletes who wanted to stick around another year of eligibility. This book is about them taking advantage of that second chance to make history while they also fall in love, and it’s a bit of a true underdog – or, as we call it during March Madness around here – a true Cinderella story.


They are living during the first year of the pandemic, though, so if that’s something you’re not quite ready to read, I understand. I was ready to write the story of two young women who had this thing they couldn’t control happen all around them, and it paused their lives like it paused all of ours as well.


As far as tropes & themes go, you’ll find, as always, a HEA, a rich girl/poor girl, and a secret crush sapphic romance with a lot of basketball.


I hope you enjoy my return to sports!

Making It Count is on pre-order now and will be out on January 26th, 2024.


Making It Count

  • Sports Series Book #5, Stand-alone

  • Genre: Romance

  • Release Date: January 26th, 2024

  • Formats: Kindle, Paperback, Hardcover

  • Length: 98,500 words

Making It Count by Nicole Pyland

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