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Week 27: Paisley & Trinity

(argue over a client)

“Pais, that’s a bad idea. The software is missing what they need.”

“No, it’s not. It has the ordering capability.”

“I know, but not the inventory piece they’d need to go with it. The other one does, though.”

“Our software has inventory,” Paisley argued.

“Yes, babe, it does, but not how these guys need it. They need to put in part numbers, and I’m talking down to the nuts and bolts. Ours is really general. It doesn’t get that deep.”

“Okay. Scarlet can fix that.”

“I’m sure she can,” Trinity said. “But not in time. That’s a big feature request that will take her months even if it’s the only thing she’s working on, and you have her working on-”

“The order flow. I’m sure she can handle both and get them done.”

“Um… hi,” Scarlet spoke, offering a little wave to them both. “Scarlet is here.”

“Sorry, Scar,” Paisley said and sighed. “Didn’t mean to leave you out. My wife just likes to argue with me.”

“And mine is about to recommend the wrong software to a client,” Trinity remarked.

“Okay… I know how this is about to go, so I’m leaving.” Scarlet closed her computer. “Order flow updates will be done in a couple of weeks. I can add the inventory changes to the next sprint, but Trinity is right: we’re talking a few months.”

“See?” Trinity said to Paisley, who sat across the kitchen table from her.

“But you can do it, right?” Paisley asked Scarlet. “And this client could be a beta for you?”

“Yeah, I guess. Can they wait a few months? Inventory is tricky.”

“I can ask,” Paisley said, glaring at Trinity.

Trinity knew where this was going, too. 

“Okay. You do that. I’m going home to my own wife, who is probably making dinner now, so you two…” Scarlet didn’t say anything else.

Trinity didn’t even look over at her as she packed her bag, left their kitchen, and, seconds later, left the house.

“It’s a bad idea. They need something now, Pais.”

Paisley leaned back in her chair and seemed to consider Trinity’s point.

“We can sign them for short-term software, and they can work with Scarlet to test what she has in a few months. They need our software and not because it’s ours, babe - it’s the best option for what they need overall.”

“Yes, but they need inventory to make it all work,” Trinity reminded her. When Paisley unbuttoned the top button of her shirt, Trinity swallowed and said, “This is a work meeting.”

“When has that ever stopped us?” Paisley asked and undid another button. 

“Scarlet totally knows, by the way.”

“Do you care?”

“No,” Trinity replied and shook her head. “Pants, Pais.”

Paisley smirked that sexy smirk at her, and sometimes, Trinity still couldn’t believe that the girl she had a crush on at boarding school was now her wife. Paisley undid her pants, and Trinity knew exactly what she wanted to do next.

“Do you remember how I told you about a fantasy I had when we were in school?”

“You had a few, if I recall.”

“I did. And one of them involved me going under a desk,” Trinity said. “Kitchen table is close enough.”

“Oh, I have a desk if you-”

“Don’t you dare move,” Trinity replied.

Then, she climbed under the table, pulled off Paisley's pants and blue bikinis, and watched as Paisley spread her legs.

The Misperception - Prompt III
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