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Week 26: Paisley & Trinity


“Emerson, where’s your wife?” Paisley asked.

“I don’t know. Kitchen, I think. Why?” Emerson asked back.

“Talon, what are you doing in my kitchen?” Paisley yelled from her spot on the sofa next to her own wife.

“Getting a beer. Why? Need some more expensive wine, ya snob?”

Trinity laughed silently beside her.

“You’ve been a horrible influence on my friends,” she said to Trinity.

“I find it really hard to believe that I’m the first person to ever call you a wine snob, Pais.” Trinity placed her hand on the back of Paisley’s neck and rubbed it.

Talon walked back into the room with two beers. She handed one to Emerson, who was sitting in the armchair next to the sofa, and squeezed in beside her despite there not being nearly enough room for her to do that.

“You two really do like each other, huh?” Trinity teased them.

“A little bit, yeah,” Emerson said and took a sip of her beer.

“Okay. When is this thing over?” Paisley asked. “We were supposed to be planning a party today.”

“Yeah. And, like, no one showed,” Talon said. “Ellie and Carmen had Gaby’s dance thing. Aria and London are probably carting their hundred children around from event to event.”

“Where’s your kid, exactly?”

“With my sister,” Emerson answered Trinity.

“Scarlet and Dakota are with Dakota’s brother and his wife on some couples’ vacation thing that sounds like a nightmare to me. And the party is for Wes, so Annie’s with her and not here. We put on a football game. They last three hours. It’s been two and a half. You’ll be fine, Pais,” Talon said while Paisley glared at her.

“We should have rescheduled.”

“Well, we didn’t.” Talon tipped her beer back. “So, what do you want to do for Weston’s seventh novel coming out? I feel like we’ve had a party for every book so far. Maybe the surprise is not having a party this time,” Talon suggested.

“I’m pretty sure Annie wants us to celebrate her successful wife,” Trinity shared.

“We can all chip in for a gift or something,” Emerson offered. “Something nice.”

“For the superrich woman who was rich even before she started writing bestsellers?” Talon asked. “What does Weston not have that she’d even want?”

“It’s the gesture, Talon,” Paisley said.

“Sure. But what is a gift card to Dave & Buster’s going to do for her, you know?”

“I don’t even know what that is,” Paisley said and turned to Trinity.

“Bar and stuff. Video games and prizes,” Trinity explained.

“You’ve never taken her to Dave & Buster’s?!” Talon asked, looking too excited for her own good. “Oh, God! We need to have this party there, then! I can’t wait to watch you walk around a giant arcade with, like, wet wipes or something to wipe away germs in one hand and a glass of wine in the other.”

“You annoy me,” Paisley stated.

“Remember, Pais, I know all your secrets,” Talon noted and returned Paisley’s glare.

“What secrets?” Trinity asked.

“Nothing. She has nothing on me.”

“Oh, I don’t?” Talon shifted to lean forward. “What about that one thing?”

“What one thing?” she asked, wondering what Talon could possibly know that she hadn’t already shared with her wife.

“That thing where you…”

Paisley widened her eyes at her.

“Stuck your finger into-”

“Oh. That?” Paisley interjected and laughed.

“Oh, what?” Trinity asked. 

“That thing I did with an ex. I told you about it years ago.”

“You told her?” Talon asked.

“It’s not that big of a deal, Talon.”

“Yeah, she told me before we even got married,” Trinity added. “We tell each other everything.”

“Gross,” Talon said with a laugh.

“As if you don’t tell me everything,” Emerson spoke and held her arm out for Talon to move into.

“I’ll think of something else I have on you, Paisley Hill.”

“Have fun with that, Talon. When is this game over?” Paisley asked again.

The Misperception - Prompt II
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