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Week 25: Paisley & Trinity

(argue over makeup)

“I just need ten more minutes,” Paisley said from the bathroom.

“What for? You look perfect.”

“Okay. Twenty more minutes.”

“I feel like we’re getting away from the issue here, babe. We’re already going to be late by five minutes at this rate, so if you take another twenty to do whatever it is you’re doing in there, we’ll be close to thirty minutes late. You’re never late. Well, except for that time when you ditched me in the hotel bar before we started dating.”

“That was an accident!” Paisley half-yelled from the bathroom. “I got caught up in work.”

“Yes. And what are you getting caught up in now? You looked great a minute ago before you disappeared into the bathroom.”

Trinity decided not to wait for Paisley to answer this time. She stood up and pushed open the bathroom door, finding her girlfriend standing in front of the mirror, applying makeup.

“What are you doing?” Trinity asked.

“Putting on my makeup. I got stuck on that call with Vidal about your-”

“Paisley, why are you putting on makeup?”

“Because I wear makeup.”

“To work, yes.”

“And other times, too. I wear it on dates with you.”

Trinity moved to stand next to Paisley but faced the door instead of the mirror.

“Babe, you only wear makeup on dates with me after you’ve been at work. When it’s just us on the weekends, you don’t bother. It’s the weekend.”

“I’m meeting your mother for the first time, Trinity.”

“You’ve met her before.”

“In high school, when I, apparently, didn’t treat you all that well,” Paisley argued as she applied powder to her face.

“So, you feel like my mom cares about you wearing makeup?”

“I feel like I want to look my best for you and for her today. I want her to think I put time into getting ready and that I care enough about you to put that effort in.”

“Pais, I don’t think my mom has ever worn makeup. She won’t even notice whether you’re wearing any.”

“Of course, she will.” Paisley closed the powder and set it on the counter. “Ten seconds in, she’ll be able to tell if I have makeup on or not.”

Trinity laughed and said, “Our mothers are very different people.”

“Shut up,” Paisley returned with a smile. “You’re making fun of me, and I don’t like it.”

“Do you want me to start wearing makeup?”

“What? No,” Paisley replied, looking at her in surprise. “God, no. You’re beautiful without it.”

Trinity glared at her.

“I’m different.”


“Because I like wearing makeup. It makes me feel… safer, maybe.”

Trinity moved behind her and wrapped her arms around Paisley’s middle.

“I don’t make you feel safe?”

“You know you do.” Paisley smiled. “I meant with my face. Blemishes and things like that.”

“Your skin is perfect, and you know it. It’s probably that fifty-step face routine you do morning and night.”

“Okay. Us spending so much time together has clearly allowed you to learn all my secrets. I’m going to need that to stop.”

“You need us to spend less time together?” Trinity kissed Paisley’s neck. “Really?” Her hand slipped down to cup Paisley over her jeans.

“Obviously not,” Paisley said.

“If you must finish your makeup because you’ve already started - go for it. But I love you the most when you wear absolutely nothing at all, and that includes makeup.” 

“I shouldn’t be wearing jeans to meet your mother. I did that, at least,” Paisley tried.

“I know. I’m about to slide my hand into them and get you off before we go.”

“What? Trinity!” Paisley laughed.

“I’ve got to get you to not be stressed about this somehow.”

Paisley leaned back against her and said, “Well, if you must… you must.”

Trinity laughed.

The Misperception - Prompt I
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