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Week 21: Talon & Emerson

(pick out ice cream)

“Okay. Which one do you want?” Emerson asked.

“Whichever one you want, babe. Just grab it, and we can go,” Talon replied and looked down at her phone.

Emerson glared at her wife. Talon had been working extra hard lately on a project. And since she could check her work messages on her phone, even in the evenings, when they were supposed to shut work out for a little while and be together, Talon was currently replying to something someone had asked her.

“I’ve told her this, like, six times. Why can’t she scroll up? I’m not even asking her to remember what I said. Just scroll up in the thread to where I typed the answer at least six times,” Talon grumbled.


“Yeah. Whichever one you want is fine, babe,” Talon told her, sounding totally distracted.

Emerson decided to have a little fun with her wife and said, “I’m thinking about getting ice cream instead of a frozen pizza.”

Talon’s ears and eyes perked up at that, and the phone was put away.


“Yeah. Instead of buying a pizza here, maybe we can order one when we get home.” Emerson pushed the cart down the aisle toward the ice cream section. “I’m thinking about getting dessert here.”

“Ice cream?” Talon checked and walked quickly beside her.

Emerson parked the cart in front of the ice cream options.

“Yeah. But I can’t decide.”

“On ice cream versus no ice cream?” Talon asked. “I vote for ice cream. But I always vote for ice cream.”

Emerson smiled at her and said, “So, we can get plain vanilla.”

“Boring,” Talon replied. 

“Or strawberry,” Emerson suggested. “We have real strawberries in the cart. That could be fun.” 

“I’ll get whipped cream. We’re out,” Talon replied and went to walk away.

Emerson took her hand and asked, “What about the butter pecan? We had fun with that one last time.”

“Oh,” Talon said, her eyes going wide. “We did that thing…”

“Yeah, we did that thing. You liked that thing,” Emerson replied and turned to her wife. “You loved that thing.”

“Butter pecan,” Talon stated.

“What about rocky road?” she asked. “That was when we-”

“Oh, God,” Talon interrupted. “You were behind me, and-”

“Yeah, rocky road was a good night, too.”

“I also really loved the salted caramel,” Talon recalled, placing her hands on Emerson’s hips. “You went all out with that tongue of yours.”

“All night long,” Emerson said against Talon’s lips.

“God, I can’t go all night long. I have to work tomorrow, Em,” Talon replied and let go of Emerson’s hips.

“What if we got coffee ice cream?”

“Coffee means that I get one explosive orgasm,” Talon said.

“Yes, with your favorite toy. I get all the foreplay leading up to it.”

“Oh, that sounds nice.” Talon placed her head on Emerson’s shoulder. “Then, I can make you come.”

“Yes, babe,” Emerson said and wrapped her arms around Talon’s body. “And you know how much I love it when you lick it off my-” Emerson stopped when a woman and three children came around the corner. “Nothing. Nope. Nothing.”

“Huh?” Talon pulled back and looked at her, confused.

“Children are present,” Emerson whispered.

Talon turned to see the kids and the woman approaching.

“So, ice cream,” Talon said. “Is a good dessert. We should get some.”

“Yes, let’s pick one,” Emerson replied, pretending like they hadn’t just been talking about sex in the middle of the grocery store.

Talon opened the freezer door and grabbed the coffee-flavored ice cream. She tossed it into the cart and reached back into the freezer for the salted caramel.

“Thought you couldn’t go all night,” Emerson noted with a smile.

“Not tonight. But this weekend, I can.”

Emerson leaned over the cart and kissed her.

“I love you,” she said through a laugh.

“Love you, too, babe,” Talon replied. “One second.” She opened the freezer and grabbed strawberry ice cream. After tossing it in the cart as well, she added, “Let’s get whipped cream and get out of here.”

The Block Party
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