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Week 44: Keira & Emma

(going on a trip)

“Hey, you two,” Indy greeted with a bev nap placed quickly on the bar. “Sorry, we’re slammed tonight. What’ll it be?”

“Can you bartend for me?” Keira asked.

“You know you have my phone number, right? My email address? My socials?”

“We’re actually here for a drink,” Emma volunteered. “But one of Keira’s bartenders for an event tomorrow night just canceled on her, so forgive her for not saying hello to you first.”

“I’m working here tomorrow night,” Indy replied. “But I can see if I can get the night off if it’s going to match the tips I’d make here.”

“It’s a lesbian wedding.” Keira lifted an eyebrow at her.

“Count me in,” Indy said.

“Great,” Keira replied.

“Thank you,” Emma said.

“Why are you thanking me?” Indy asked her.

“Because we’re about to leave on our first vacation in forever, and she’s having a hard time letting go of work. This bartender canceling on her was only the latest issue.”

“Where are you going?” Indy asked.

“Bahamas,” Emma replied. “All-inclusive and non-refundable,” she added that part specifically for Keira. 

“Yes, I’m aware, babe,” Keira said. “Can we get drinks, too? I could use one.”

“Usuals?” Indy guessed.

“Please,” Keira replied.

“Coming up. I’ll need to let my boss here know that I need tomorrow night off, but she’s been complaining about being a little too overstaffed, so it shouldn’t be a problem.”

“Great. Thanks, Indy. I really appreciate it.”

Keira had been working hard trying to make this wedding perfect for her clients, but it had experienced one problem after the other, and after conquering one, the next would appear. It was tomorrow night, and after that, she was off work for the next two weeks and would be spending time with her wife in the Bahamas, where they’d both be in bathing suits or nothing at all and sipping sweet umbrella drinks.

“Okay. Now that you have a bartender, are you done?” Emma asked when they got home later that night.

“Done until tomorrow, when the event actually starts.”

“That’s what I meant. We still need to pack.” She hefted a suitcase onto their bed. “You’ve been putting it off.”

“I’ve been busy, little miss always-on-time-and-prepared-for-everything,” she teased. 

“Will you just pick out whatever bathing suits you want to bring already, please?”

“What’ll you give me?” Keira wiggled her eyebrow at her.


“Yeah?” Keira smiled at that comment.

“When we get to the Bahamas.”

Keira laughed and said, “You know what I was thinking about today?”


“That it’s so nice, not having kids.”

“What?” Emma laughed. “Where did that come from?”

“Your call with Hailey last week, when she said they were going to take their kids on a trip. My God, the work that she described just to get them in the car…”

“I know.” Emma laughed. “They have four, though.”

“Still; even one would be a pain, and it would be harder to take this trip and just relax.”

“I’m not convinced you even know how to relax,” Emma noted and tossed her own board shorts and bikini top into the suitcase.

“I know how to relax just fine. And I’ll prove that to you when we get there.”

“Great. Right now, can you pick out your suits and throw them into the damn suitcase while I get shirts for us, please?”

Keira chuckled and said “Hey, I love you. You’re perfect for me, you know?”

“Ditto,” Emma replied. “Bikinis. Now.” She pointed to the suitcase. 

Keira just laughed again. 

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