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"Starter Pack"

Sometimes, when a new-to-you author has a lot of books out there, it might be intimidating to give them a try or know where to start.


In this booklet, I’ve given you a glimpse into the scenes from ten of my books. I’ve included scenes that are funny, maybe a little dramatic or serious, some are a little thought-provoking, hopefully, and one with a little steam.


If you’re interested in reading any further, all my books are available on Amazon, and you can see even more details about each book (steam, sarcasm, and angst ratings along with soundtracks for each book, free content, and more) on my website.


You can also join my private Facebook group to chat with other readers and me.


Something of note, because these are scenes that sometimes take place later in the book, there might be mild spoilers. 


I hope you enjoy!



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