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Podcast: Ep. 15 - Update

For those of you who don’t know, my wife and I have a podcast called Wife on Wife, where we discuss my books, characters, and my writing process. An episode posts every other Saturday. Normally, a new episode would be posted today. This episode was recorded a couple of weeks ago and is about Around the World, the final book in the Boston Series.

You might be wondering why I’m telling you all of this. This book has a character in it who has a connection to the Holocaust, and she believes in visiting monuments, museums, and memorials so that no one will forget the horrors. Due to the recent events in the world, I have decided not to publish this episode in order to be sensitive to the current events and not to risk triggering anyone or causing any kind of distress. While the book doesn’t depict anything, nor do we go into detail in this podcast episode, I believe it would be in poor taste to air it at this time. I do not know if we’ll ever air the episode, but if we choose to, we’ll have a trigger warning at the top and will, of course, add one to all of the social media posts as well. For now, though, we have no plans to publish it.

So, this week, there will be no podcast episode. We’ll return in two weeks with the next series that we’ll be discussing, which is the Celebrities Series, and begin with No After You.

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