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Picking Out a Book

Since I tend not to stick to a ‘standard Nicole Pyland novel’ – meaning, you might not know what you’ll get from me next because I don’t always write the same tropes, plots, genres, etc. – I tried to make it easier for you to pick out one of my books based on what you might be interested in or what mood you’re in at that time.

On my site, each book (or series) has a page, and on each book’s page, you’ll find fun things like character avatars, playlists/soundtracks, and you’ll also find things specific to that book. For example, book genre or subgenre (like sci-fi), the description obviously, but also things like book length, the location or setting, information on the characters’ jobs, and more.

One of my favorite things there, though, are the meters. There’s a sarcasm meter, a heat meter, and an angst meter. If you’re not in the mood for an angsty book, you can find one with low or no angst. If you’re looking for a little sass, check out a book that’s high on the sarcasm meter, etc.

I know a lot of people re-read books in the same way they re-watch TV shows or movies because it’s something predictable in a world that’s not. If you’ve read a book already, you know what to expect from it. You know if there’s a gut punch somewhere, and you can expect it; you know the ending. It’s a safe place for you to go when the world often feels just so very unsafe. Trying a new book from an author who tends to write a lot of different kinds of stories can feel overwhelming (there’s a lot of books by me out there already) and you might not want the unpredictable, so hopefully, by giving you some of those insights on my site, you can feel a little better about the book you pick.

Of course, you can always read them in order – which, I have a page for you HERE to read them in chronological order – or, you can go to the reading challenges list page and find a book that suits your needs for the various reading challenges offered by other authors in the genre.

Lastly, one thing that I hope people know about my books is that I always have a happily ever after for my main characters. It may not always be perfectly wrapped up in a nice, neat bow, but neither is life most of the time. Most, if not all, of my books have a nice epilogue with some additional resolution and looks ahead for the characters. I like HEAs when I read. They’re not a requirement in romance, but as a reader, I enjoy them, so I like to write them. Maybe that gives readers a little bit of comfort knowing that before they dive into a new book of mine.

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This was a great story! A wonderful surprise gift to us, thank you!😊

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