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New Release: The Sweet Escape

Eleanor & Carmen's book is out today!

THE SWEET ESCAPE is about what happens when you meet your friend's girlfriend's friend and have a tiny crush on her. Okay, it's not a tiny crush… It's a big crush, and Eleanor can't stop going to Carmen's bakery to pick up her favorite cupcakes and stare at Carmen.

Ellie has to watch Carmen figure things out a little more slowly while her own kid brother is also in a little trouble and in need of a place to stay. Taking in a teenager in his time of need means her apartment is always a disaster, and finding alone time with the woman she's falling for isn't exactly easy. Good thing Carmen likes playing video games and doesn't mind that Emmett is around.

Eleanor is the glue that holds this friend group together. She's a little bit like all of her friends tied into one, so I hope you like reading her story and having Halloween sneak in there toward the end to surprise you with one of the funniest chapters I've written (at least, to me – I laughed as I wrote it and as I was editing it).

You can get THE SWEET ESCAPE in e-book, audiobook, paperback, and hardcover today! I hope you enjoy Ellie’s story!

And because I know you’ve been waiting to learn more about Paisley and Scarlet, I’ve decided not to make you all wait any longer and put their books on pre-order. Paisley is up first, and Scarlet’s book is book 6 in the series.

THE MISPERCEPTION is out on November 10th.

THE WAIT IS OVER will be out on December 15th.

There is a series WHAT HAPPENED AFTER... as well, and it's also on pre-order. This way, you can already grab the rest of the series on Kindle, and you'll know when to anticipate each respective story. :)

Grab them while they’re on their lower pre-order price today!


The Sweet Escape

  • Holiday Series Book #4

  • Genre: Contemporary Lesbian Romance

  • Release Date: October 1st, 2022

  • Formats: Kindle, Audible, Paperback, Hardcover

  • Length: 79,500 words

  • Listening Length: 8 hours 26 minutes


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