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Flashback: The Moments

You've all heard me say that I like to challenge myself with my writing. So, today, I thought I'd tell you about my inspiration for a challenging book I wrote a few years ago now.

The Moments was one of my first releases, and I remember sitting in my desk chair, thinking about doing something that was a little “younger character” than I'd written before. I got this idea about a teenager wanting to ask someone out on graduation day now that high school was over. I thought about what might happen if the girl she asked said yes or if she said no, and the movie Sliding Doors entered my mind. I'd seen it only once, years ago, and the initial idea for The Moments had Jenna and Bailey getting together in one part of the story, where Bailey is courageous enough to ask Jenna out, but in the other part, where she doesn't, Jenna and Bailey don't end up together.

I wrote the path in the Part I (the ten years the story would span), and when I started to work on part two, I realized that I didn't want them to not be together. Sometimes, courage looks different, and just because Bailey didn't have the courage on graduation day to ask the love of her life out on a date, doesn't mean she wouldn't show it in other ways and still get the girl. So, I changed my plan and made sure they got together in both parts.

When I was writing, I only planned to write from Bailey's perspective because I'd yet to write a book from only one POV, so I wanted to challenge myself that way, too. (Love Forged hadn't been written yet.) When I got about halfway through Part I, though, I knew I wanted to hear from Jenna, because I felt like we were missing a lot. When Part II started, I thought I'd switch them and have Jenna's POV first this time, and Bailey's POV second. I think doing that added a lot to story.

If you read The Moments, what do you think about my choices?


The Moments

  • Genre: Lesbian Romance

  • Release Date: November 1st, 2018

  • Formats: Kindle, Paperback

  • Length: 70,956 words

The Moments by Nicole Pyland. Available on Kindle and Paperback

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