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Week 09: Janet has Mariah & Aubrey

right where she wants them

“You want to go to dinner? The three of us?” Aubrey checked as Mariah dragged her fingertip over her bare stomach and Janet’s eyes followed the movement.

“Yes,” Janet replied.

“Why? We have sex.”

“Because I want to do more than just that. Go on a date with us,” she requested before she leaned over Aubrey’s naked body and sucked on her nipple.

“Oh, not fair.”

“What’s not fair?” Mariah asked, slipping her fingers between Aubrey’s folds.

You want this, too?” Aubrey asked as Mariah began to stroke her. “I thought this was just sex - we have it whenever I’m in town, and we’re all up for it.”

“What if we went on a date, and it became more?” Janet licked the nipple she’d just sucked on. “I’ve already convinced Mariah that this is a good idea. Not that she put up much of a fight.”

“I like your body,” Mariah confessed as she slipped inside Aubrey, making Janet nearly come at the sight. “And, it turns out, I also really like you.”

“Fuck,” Aubrey replied, turning her head to Janet. “You want to date me now? You said no-strings sex.”

“It is still no-strings sex. You can say no.”

“And we just keep doing this?” Aubrey asked before she closed her eyes.

Janet watched Mariah’s fingers move inside Aubrey and brought her own fingers to her clit.

“We’ve done this a few times now, and we both like it, but we’d like more, too. If you say no, it’s a no, and we just have sex. We love the sex we all have,” she revealed and licked Aubrey’s nipple at the same time she flicked her own clit lying beside her in Aubrey’s bed. 

“I like it, too,” Aubrey replied, breathless.

Mariah shimmied down the bed and pulled out of Aubrey.


“One second,” Mariah told her, spreading Aubrey’s legs in the process. “Just needed to reposition myself for what I really want.”

Janet watched her girlfriend lick Aubrey before pushing back inside her.

“Go out with us,” Janet requested again with a whisper into Aubrey’s ear. “Dinner. Wine if you want. Then, we can come back here or to Mariah’s place, or mine if you want, and you can do whatever you want to me.”

“Fuck,” Aubrey said.

“And I mean that,” Janet added, moaning as she pushed two fingers inside herself. 

Aubrey’s eyes opened, and she realized what Janet was doing to herself for the first time.

“Whatever I want?” Aubrey checked.

Mariah grunted as if she were frustrated that Aubrey wasn’t focusing on the fact that she was going down on her.

“Babe, we’re discussing something important,” Janet said to Mariah and pulled out her fingers. “Here. Taste.” She held them up for Mariah, who withdrew her mouth from Aubrey to suck on Janet’s fingers.

Aubrey watched and said, “Okay. Yes. Date. I want that.”

“You do?” Janet checked.

“Yes. But can I get an advance on what I want now?” Aubrey asked just as Mariah began sucking on her clit again.

“I think that can be arranged,” Janet replied with a wicked grin.

“Sit on my face. Now,” Aubrey requested. “And I’m picking the restaurant.”

“Fine. But I want two hours of actual conversation, at least, before we leave and do this again.” She moved until her center was hovering over Aubrey’s face. “Deal?”

“Deal,” Aubrey said, grabbing Janet by the hips to pull her down into her mouth.

“Win-win for me.” Janet rocked her hips.

Holiday Throuple - Part III
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