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Week 16: Kenzie & Lennox

(movie night with the kids)

“What are you watching?” Kenzie asked as she walked into the living room, finding Lennox sitting on the sofa with both of their kids. 

“Your show.”

“My what?” she asked.

“Mama, you’re on TV.” Walker pointed to the television.

Kenzie turned to see Undone World, her long-running TV show about zombies, on the screen, and her two children, both under the age of seven, watching it with their other mother.


“What?” she asked as she ran her hand into Liam’s hair. 

He looked half-asleep as he lay against her mother. Walker, however, looked wide awake and interested in what was on the screen, which was a scene in which Kenzie would soon kill a zombie. She only knew that because Lennox rewatched episodes of the show she’d worked on as a writer in later seasons periodically.

“You’re great in this scene, babe. You really break down here, and it’s hard for me to watch it because it’s so good.”

“Then, why are you watching it with our kids?” Kenzie asked and sat down next to Walker. “Hey, baby. Let’s go to bed, okay?”

“Why are you on TV?” he asked her.

“You know mommy is an actress,” she answered.

“Asstress?” Walker tried.

“An actress, dummy,” Liam corrected his brother. “It means she’s on TV sometimes.”

“Hey,” Lennox scolded. “Apologize to your brother. He’s younger than you, remember?”

“Fine. Sorry, Walker,” he replied and clearly didn’t mean it. “Mom, you stabbed him.”

“Jesus, Lennox!” Kenzie reached for the remote.

“Oh. I forgot that part,” she said.

Kenzie turned off the TV and said, “You shouldn’t have. You wrote the scene.”

“Why did you stab that dead guy?” Liam asked.

“He was a zombie. It’s not real, remember?” Lennox asked.

“Yeah, 'cause you and Mom are both actresses. I know. Walker might not, though. He’s a baby.”

“I’m not a baby,” Walker retorted.

“You’re both ready for bed, though,” Kenzie stated. “So, let’s go.” She stood and pointed to Lennox. “I’ll deal with you later.”

“I sincerely hope you do.” Lennox winked at her.

“Lennox!” she whisper-yelled. “Not like that.”

“Like what, Mama?” Walker asked as she picked him up.

“Yeah, Mama, like what?” Lennox asked.

“Like your mom is going to be in timeout tonight,” Kenzie said.

“Moms get timeouts?” Liam asked.

“Sometimes, they do,” Kenzie answered and added, “Brush your teeth. Bedtime.” She turned to Lennox. “I’ll see you back out here for that timeout.”

“Timeout!” Walker said and giggled.

Kenzie loved his little giggle and wished it would never go away. She put both kids to bed, knowing full well Liam wouldn’t fall asleep right away and that Lennox would check on him and steal his tablet that he’d grown obsessed with recently before he really went to sleep. Walker, however, passed out right away, which was a gift, and Kenzie headed back into the living room, where she found Lennox picking up the toys that had been strewn about after a day of family time around the house.

“Am I really in timeout?” she asked when she saw Kenzie.

“Why did you let them watch that? Walker’s going to have nightmares.”

“No, he won’t. He saw his mom on TV; that’s all he’ll remember. And Liam knows it’s fake. It’ll be fine. I honestly forgot you stab that guy, though. I like rewatching the scenes where you clearly act your ass off. Like you’re not acting at all; in a good way. You’re so talented.”

“Are you trying to get out of your timeout tonight?”

“Well, I’m trying to get myself out of trouble and maybe into…” She pulled Kenzie to her by the hips. “Somewhere else.”

“Check on your son, who definitely didn’t go to sleep, and we’ll talk. No more zombie shows for them until they’re teenagers.”

“You’re a good mom,” Lennox said and kissed her on the forehead. “Long day, though. If you want, we can just go to bed. I’ll let you draw shapes on my stomach if you steal his tablet back tonight.” When Kenzie laughed in response, Lennox added, “He gets it from you.”

“What? The tablet obsession? I’m not-”

“The adorable laugh thing.” She kissed Kenzie’s forehead. “Walker gets it from you. They both do.”

“Oh,” Kenzie said and looked down at the floor. “Shapes?”

“All over my stomach, if you want.”

“I do,” she replied.

“I’ll meet you in the bedroom, then.” Lennox kissed her on the lips. “I’ll steal the tablet back and check on Walker. You’ve earned it. You had to put up with three kids today when we went to the park.” She winked, referring to herself as the third troublemaker.

Kenzie knew she wouldn’t have it any other way as she watched her wife go check on their children.

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