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Week 36: Cassie & Tessa

(paint the nursery)

“No,” Cassie said.

“Why not?”

“It’s called gunmetal gray, babe.”

“So? We’re both in law enforcement. It makes sense.”

“No.” Cassie chuckled and looked over at her wife.

“I’m kidding,” Tessa said. “I’m thinking something in the green family.”

“Green? I can get down with green.”

“It’s a neutral color,” Tessa offered. “As far as gender goes, anyway. Maybe we can do an accent wall in dark-green and leave everything else in white or off-white.”

“I don’t know about that,” Cassie said.

“Why not?”

“I think the accent wall thing is good. But do the other walls have to be white? Maybe like a mural or something.”

“And who’s painting this mural? You? Do you possess some artistic talent I’m not aware of?”

“I could use stencils.” Cassie shrugged her shoulders.

“Babe, once there’s a can of paint opened in this room, you’re not allowed in until it stops smelling like paint. You know that, right? You’re not supposed to-”

“Be around paint fumes, I know.” Cassie patted her stomach.

At six months along now, she was already tired of being pregnant and ready to have the baby already, but she still had a few months to go, hopefully.

“I’ll handle the really hard stuff,” Tessa suggested. “You can just, you know, have the baby.” She winked.

“Oh, that’s all, huh?” Cassie laughed and moved into her wife, pressing her against the wall.

“Just that little thing.” Tessa wrapped her arms around Cassie’s neck. “How are you, of all people, little miss Captain in the Boston Police Department, going to go on maternity leave and not work for months?”

“I’m pretty sure I’ll be busy with the screaming infant, so I doubt I’ll miss the screaming adults I work with now.” She kissed Tessa on the nose. “Dark-green on one wall. Mural on another.”

“Mural of what?”

“Boston, maybe?”

“Why?” Tessa chuckled.

“What? You were thinking, like, dinosaurs or something?”

“Yes, Cass. For our baby, I wasn’t thinking we’d paint the city of Boston on the walls. I was going to go with bright shiny things, like maybe dinosaurs or other animals.”

“Fine. I relent. I’m too tired to argue. Can I order us something for dinner? Chinese?”

“I’m cooking. I already have your favorite chicken marinating in the fridge. And I’m going to run you a bath before I cook it so thar you can put your feet up and relax.” She kissed Cassie on the lips.

“You’re totally going to paint this room however you want, aren’t you?” Cassie squinted at her.

“Maybe.” Tessa winked and kissed her again.

All Good Plans
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