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Vote in Round of Elite 8

It’s a new week! And we're down to the Elite 8!

Since I chose to not know the vote totals for the previous round of voting while it was happening, my wife put everything together, and I did a live reveal video with my reactions for the couples moving on to the Elite 8, which you can find in my Facebook Reader Group.

Vote for your favorite couples to move on in the #NPCouplesChallenge!

Voting for this round closes on 3/22, and the Final 4 will be announced on 3/23.

It’s a fun way to vote for your faves and maybe win a prize while you’re at it.

Grand Prize:

Kindle Paperwhite (US or International Edition) for all Amazon-participating markets.


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1 Comment

Gabi Biela
Gabi Biela
Mar 16, 2023

Its crazy how my right side is the same but my left its completely different. I don't know how I feel about it hahaha.😂😪

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