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Holiday Series Giveaway!


Happy Holidays everyone!

To celebrate the end of The Holiday Series with THE WAIT IS OVER being released (and don’t worry, there’s still a WHAT HAPPENED AFTER coming), I’ve decided to do one of the biggest giveaways I’ve ever done.

My wife and I were talking one night, and I asked randomly, “Which of the six main friends would you want to hang out with just to chill and watch a movie?” She said Ellie, I asked her why, and an idea was born: “What if we asked everyone about that?”

In this Google Form, there are 10 questions. Each question is “Which friend would you…” You’ll answer with a friend’s name from a checkbox menu and then you just have to tell me why. Serious answers are good, but creative ones are also welcome. Technically, it helps if you’ve read all the books, but if you get creative enough, I wouldn’t know if you haven’t read them.

Answer ALL questions and submit the form by January 4th to be entered in the giveaway.

Here’s the BIG part. Are you ready?

  • The Grand Prize winner will receive the entire Holiday Series in paperback signed by me. AND I’m opening it up INTERNATIONALLY! (Internationally means anywhere UPS ships from the US, so please keep that in mind. You’ll get to pick a message you want me to write in one of the books of your choosing as well.)

  • The Second Prize winner will receive 1 signed paperback of their choosing (any of my books), and this is also INTERNATIONAL!

  • The Third Prize winner will receive either an e-book gift through Amazon (this one is US only) or an audiobook code (US/UK only) for any audiobook in the Holiday Series. You get to choose.

  • Bonus Prize: I'll chose 5 winners to get signed Holiday Series bookmarks and post cards (anywhere US mail goes).