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Giveaway Results!


Happy New Year!

After reviewing all the responses I received for the Holiday Series Giveaway – and there were many, so wife & I had a lot of fun – I get to announce the winners, who will be notified via the email they provided by end of the day today, so please check your email (including your spam/junk folders) to see if you won. If I haven’t heard from the winners by the end of the day (5 PST) on Sunday January 8th, I’ll select someone else to win a prize.


Grand Prize: all 7 Holiday Series books in paperback, signed

  • Winner: Alexis

Second Prize: 1 Holiday Series paperback of choice, signed

  • Winner: Gaby

Third Prize: 1 Holiday Series e-book/audiobook of choice

  • Winner: Shannon H.

Bonus Prize: Holiday Series post card and 2 bookmarks, signed

  • Winners: Kayla, Sasha M., Catherine D., Ticiana, Elizabeth

Congrats to all the winners!

I also get to share the overall results per questions using my favorite kind of chart – a pie chart! (because I’m not Scarlet) You can see which friends were chosen for each question below. It was definitely fun seeing who everyone chose and why.

I’m also sharing my wife’s responses with everyone because she’s the one who gave me the idea for this fun giveaway.

Oh, and I answered the questions myself, too. Below, you’ll see my answers as well as why I chose those characters. I hope everyone who participated had fun!



Which of the 6 friends would you want to hang out with on the weekend and watch a movie?


She's the perfect engaged/chill combo for me. And because Ellie is "all-of-the-friends-in-miniature" and has this magic ability to vibe off whomever she's around, we can watch and talk about anything but horror movies, which I don't watch anyway.

Which of the 3 bakery owners would you want to bake you something?


I take my bread very seriously. And sweet bread is NOT bread, Americans. Not everything needs sugar... (Looking at you, wife.)

Which of the 6 friends would you want to go camping with?

Weston - the most practical solution. Paisley - the most useless and hilarious.

Who would you rather get stuck in an elevator with?


She's this inventive ninja that can occupy my brain enough so I don't freak out.

Desert Island?

Practical would be Weston and Trinity.

Real answer: Paisley and Ellie.

I just imagine Paisley trying to get sand out of her heels, which is hilarious on its own, but I would love to see the transformation from business suits to bandana and rolled sleeves after a while. Ellie is there to keep Paisley in check, cause I wouldn't be able to handle her on my own if the boat is not coming...

"Where's the boat?!"

Which of the 12 main characters would you take to IKEA and let them help you put the furniture together?


I treat IKEA like a puzzle, so I may only need someone to help physically but not interfere with my "puzzling." Trinity would be too impatient not to.

You’re getting ready for a date. Who’s helping you pick out your wardrobe?

Do I have to pick? I won't listen anyway...

Fine. Ellie.

You’re having a dinner party. Who’s helping you plan?

Ellie. Because she's so caring about others, she'll make sure I won't forget anything.

Sports buddy


She's chill and Irish. I feel like she's the only one I'll be able to watch football with. (No, I didn't mean American "handball." I mean the sport that is actually played by FEET.)

3 spots to fill in your car for a road trip. Who’s in the car with you?

Aria. Eleanor. Paisley.

Paisley's driving, otherwise she'll be a terrible back seat driver. Ellie's next to her, to keep her calm if we encounter traffic. Aria's next to me in the back seat because she's the right kind of sassy and deep to keep me occupied if I'm feeling chatty, and she'll leave me alone if I'm not.





Which of the 6 friends would you want to hang out with on the weekend and watch a movie?

Scarlet because I think she’d be quiet, but if I wanted to talk about the movie, she’d still talk to me about it.

Ellie would be second place because of the same reason, I think.

Talon would talk too much.

Weston would be thinking about her next book and not focusing at all on the movie.

Paisley would be checking the time on her phone because she has work to do or a date with Trinity to get to.

Aria would probably watch the movie and zone out thinking about London, which is acceptable, but if I wanted to talk about the movie or something else, her brain would be busy: