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Week 08: Aubrey

gives Mariah and Janet what they want

“No problem,” Aubrey said. “So, I have some work I need to do early tomorrow morning. Were you thinking of drinks first to loosen everyone up, or getting straight to it? If I’m being honest, I’d love to get straight to it. I’ve been thinking about this all day, and I’m more than ready.”

“Fuck,” Mariah whispered before she added, “Babe?” 

“I vote for straight to it,” Janet replied and walked over to Mariah. “Since we’ve both already seen you naked, how about I start by taking this off?”

Mariah raised her arms so that Janet could remove her T-shirt, and Aubrey took in Mariah’s breasts for the first time in real life. She’d seen them in the picture Janet had shown her, and Janet had assured Aubrey that Mariah would be fine with her seeing it. Aubrey had wanted Mariah ever since, and now, she wanted both of them. 

“No bra?” she remarked with her eyebrow lifted. “My kind of butch.” 

Janet already had her lips on Mariah’s neck, and this was exactly how Aubrey preferred no-strings-attached sex. It was easier this way. No need for small talk that no one cared about; they could all just enjoy one another, having a great night and a few orgasms. After that, she would go home, and if they all wanted to do this again, they would talk.

Aubrey moved into Mariah then and didn’t wait another moment before she knelt in front of Mariah and started kissing her flat stomach. Mariah probably did a lot of heavy lifting at her job because her muscles were definitely toned. Seeing the woman up close now, Aubrey ached to be fucked by her, and that feeling between her legs only intensified as she undid Mariah’s jeans.

“Just relax. Let us take care of you,” Janet whispered into Mariah’s ear, spurring Aubrey on.

Mariah’s jeans were pushed to around her ankles, and Aubrey had them off in seconds, along with the pair of plain-white socks Mariah had on. This woman had no idea how to dress up for a sex date, and that only made Aubrey want her even more. Her boxer briefs were red, which made it seem like she’d put them on for tonight, at least. Aubrey had them off the instant Janet’s lips moved to her girlfriend’s nipple, and she stared at Mariah for a moment, loving the smell of her. Then, she pressed her nose to the hairs she found, and Mariah’s hips bucked into her mouth.

“Janet, get behind her,” Aubrey ordered.

“Yes, Ma’am,” Janet replied happily. 

“Play with her breasts,” Aubrey commanded.

Janet held on to Mariah’s breasts and began gently twisting on her nipples.

“Damn. This could make me come,” Mariah stated.

“No, that’ll be me,” Aubrey replied and tapped on Mariah’s thighs, silently telling her to spread her legs.

Mariah did and looked a little wobbly on her feet when Janet nipped at her neck in time with playing with her nipples.

“Fuck,” Mariah uttered.

“You want that?” Aubrey asked as she nibbled on her inner thigh. “Janet can get on her knees, too.”

“Oh, God,” Mariah managed out.

Aubrey licked through her folds and savored the taste on her tongue. 

“I’m really going to enjoy this,” she said.

“Babe, go inside, please,” Mariah asked of Janet.

“No problem,” the woman agreed easily.

After Janet knelt down behind Mariah, Aubrey moved into Mariah’s folds and sucked hard, thinking Mariah would like that. She earned a throaty moan and was happy to have been right. Then, she felt Janet’s hand under her mouth, and fingers slipped inside of Mariah from behind.

“Oh, Jesus,” Mariah let out.

Aubrey moaned when she heard Janet’s kissing sounds on Mariah’s skin and felt Janet’s free hand lifting up the dress she’d worn for the occasion and dip into the thong Aubrey was now very glad she’d worn. Janet’s fingers started moving in her wetness and against her clit, so Aubrey spread Mariah’s lips farther and buried her face between Mariah’s legs before she took her own hand and moved it to Janet’s jeans to undo the button and zipper, slipping inside right after.

Holiday Throuple - Part II
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