The Sport Series was something I planned to write, but it was unique to me in that it would be linked by sports and not by characters. I chose the sports based on a couple of things. Volleyball was and always will be my favorite sport. I’d never read a LesFic romance about archery and thought it would be fun to throw an age-gap in there. Softball was the sport I played the longest and thought it would be fun to write about. And soccer was a sport I’d never played but had been a fan of for years, and I wanted to write a slow burn-romance with soccer in the background. The Sports Series was born, and after I wrote Finding a Keeper, I got a lot of requests to write about Emily and Alison from that book, so I added a novella with them as the focus on my site as something free for subscribers (which is now part of The Sports Series box set).

Always More

(Sports Series Book 1)

This series is related by a sports theme, not by characters.

Everly Holman is between an internship and, hopefully, finding her dream job when she finds an online listing she thinks will be perfect for her. As a relatively new sports psychologist, she’s worried she won’t find the right place for herself. When she applies for a job with the Los Angeles Legends, the professional women’s volleyball team, she finally feels at home.

Wyatt Wicked is the number one volleyball player in the world. She could play in any professional league and had played in many during her career. When the US starts the first professional women’s league, she’s eager to play on her home soil and finally do the thing she loves most in her home country.

Wyatt’s not one to trust psychology in sports. But when she meets Everly Holman, Wyatt not only starts trusting the woman to help improve her game, she also sees Everly as much more than the team doctor. Unfortunately for her, Everly might not be willing to risk her career over their growing feelings. As they both work to establish the fledgling league, they discover that, sometimes, falling in love is worth the possibility of losing everything.

A Shot at Gold

(Sports Series Book 2)

This series is related by a sports theme, not by characters.

Elodie Booker was a phenomenon. No one had ever taken the sport of archery by storm the way she had. Trophies and accolades piled up around her even in her first years in the sport. Then, something terrible happened. She lost the only father figure she had ever known after losing person after person in her life. It was the proverbial straw breaking the camel’s back, and Elodie left the game, never looking back.

Madison Fletcher was the next big thing in the sport of archery, or at least, that was what she thought. She was about to turn twenty-three, just graduated from college, and needed a new archery coach. Madison knew there was only one person she could reach out to; one person to take her all the way to the Olympic games. The only problem was that Elodie Booker was now a thirty-three-year-old lawyer who wanted nothing to do with archery and hadn’t fired a single shot since she had lost her own former coach.

Madison had known loss, too. Her loss was a different one, but it was still something that could unite them in their pain and understanding. If she could convince Elodie to give her a chance at being the archery star Madison knew she could be, she might also be able to convince Elodie that they were meant to be much more than coach and athlete.

The Unexpected Dream

(Sports Series Book 3)

This series is related by a sports theme, not by characters.

Mia Landis was so close to being an Olympian. Instead, she watched the Tokyo Olympics and her would-be-team from home with her one-year-old daughter. When Mia heard about a serious professional softball league starting up in the US, she thought it would be crazy to try out. After being convinced, though, she gave it a shot and ended up moving her entire life across the country.

Skylar Donahue lived for the game. Softball had been her entire world until an injury took away her shot to play in the Olympics. She resigned herself to coaching until she heard about a new league starting up. When she made the local team, she had no idea that a new woman in town would completely change her entire world.


Both women dreamed of representing their country in the Olympics. Neither of them thought their lives would take the turn they’d taken. But if they can see past what they thought their lives would be, and look at where they ended up, they might find a whole new dream; one that could last a lifetime.

Finding a Keeper

(Sports Series Book 4)

This series is related by a sports theme, not by characters.

Sloan Rossi is about to go to college on a soccer scholarship. She has spent the past six years living in London and playing for a well-known team. Now, she’s ready to bring her talents back to the States in hopes of developing into a world-class footballer and heading back to England to play for the English Premier League one day.

When Sloan arrives as a freshman thinking she’d get the starting spot in her role as a forward, she is mistaken. An injury to their goalkeeper and a backup goalie forces Sloan into a different role on the team than she had planned, but she happens to be good at it.

Too good if you ask Marley Nichols, the star goalie for Winterpark University. Marley is a junior, with her sights set on playing in the NWSL after graduation. An injury sidelines her for the entire season, putting a freshman who’s never played goal into the starting spot.

The real problem with all of this isn’t that Sloan’s good and Marley’s worried about losing her spot. It’s that Sloan has become a friend; a best friend, really. And as the two spend time together over the course of the school year and the summer, it develops into more for Marley.

Sloan hasn’t ever thought about being with another woman before. She’s suffered loss after loss in her life, and she puts her heart into her sport. When she and Marley spend an entire year getting to know each other, though, Sloan starts to think that maybe Marley isn’t just her best friend. Maybe she’s something more altogether.