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Flashback: Fresh Start

FRESH START was the first book I started writing and actually finished. I’ve been writing forever but struggled finishing the things that I started. Technically, I finished other things before FRESH START but this was the first book that I wrote and published. It’ll always have a special place in my heart because of that.

It all started because I was watching a documentary on Amanda Knox around the same time I watched one on Casey Anthony. I watch a lot of true crime, as you can imagine. I was lying in bed one night, and I had this thought about how a woman could be innocent of the crime people think she committed and the hell the media and the courts would put her through. I wanted to explore the impact on that woman’s life more than anything at first.

I liked the idea of having her come home but not being let off the hook by the rest of the world, who still thinks she did this horrible thing, and how that could irrevocably harm a person, but she could somehow get on with her life. Alyssa Masters was born from that idea, and the book wasn’t a romance in my mind at that stage, but since I’d written fanfiction that had a romantic main plot, I thought about how she could meet someone who had no idea who she was, and they could fall in love. Hannah Granger entered my mind, and I was suddenly writing a romance novel for the first time.

There were no thoughts of publishing then. I hadn’t thought about Ember and Eva from THE BEST LINES yet. Charlie and Hailey from JUST TELL HER weren’t even in the realm of possibilities. FRESH START really started it all. I wrote ALL THE LOVE SONGS after I finished writing The Chicago Series, and my wife and I decided to publish both within just a couple of days of one another to see if anyone would actually buy a book I wrote. The rest is history.


Fresh Start

  • Chicago Series Intro

  • Genre: Contemporary Lesbian Romance

  • Release Date: November 15th, 2017

  • Formats: Kindle, Audible, Paperback, Hardcover

  • Length: 147,260 words

  • Listening Length: 14 hours 23 minutes

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