Once a Month

"Once a Month"

For those of you who have been following my serial erotica over the past year, you might have seen some comments and questions around publication. Many people messaged me directly asking if I was going to publish this as a book, and the answer is yes.


To do this, I've now removed it from my website (because this allows me to make it available on KU).

As of July 25th, 2022, the story is no longer available here for free.


The book is available for pre-order NOW and will be released on 8/19/2022 on Amazon in the following formats:

Kindle, Paperback, and Hardcover.

As of right now, there are no plans for this story to be on Audible. If that changes at some point in the future, you'll be notified about it in my newsletter, so make sure you've subscribed to it to follow news about my books and more.


I hope you enjoyed taking this ride with me over the year, and if you liked this story and would be interested in more erotica publications from me, pick up the book, review, and tell your friends!