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Lesbian Romance, Young Adult


Destined to Be Together, Return to Hometown, Friends to Lovers


Kindle, Paperback

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Bailey Sayers has a decision to make. That decision will impact her entire life. If she says something, she risks embarrassment and her heart. If she doesn’t say something, she may never know if Jenna Cabot feels the same way about her.

In Path I, Bailey risks it all and asks Jenna out on a date on their high school graduation day.

In Path II, Bailey does not ask Jenna out on a date on their high school graduation day.

What follows in both paths is Bailey and Jenna’s story. It’s the most important moments that make up their lives together and apart. It’s the story of how they were always drawn together and always would be. It’s the ups and the downs, the perfect moments and the difficult ones. It’s the tears and the laughter. And it’s the drive to make forever possible with the love of your life no matter the circumstances.


“Sometimes, we live in the moments, but most of the time – we don’t. We let them go. We don’t think about how one moment could change the trajectory of our entire lives. We don’t think about how if we said yes or no to something, how it could move us down one path instead of another.”

― Nicole Pyland, The Moments