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Lesbian Romance


Opposites Attract, Forced to Work Together


Kindle, Paperback

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Twenty years ago, Ripley Fox’s entire family was killed in a fire. After years in the foster care system and trying to rebuild her life, she’s once again confronted not only with the horror of what happened that night but also with the truth about who was responsible.

Kenna Crawford is the very definition of a hard-nosed reporter. She always gets her story, never takes no for an answer and never lets go once she’s got something or someone in her sights. When she comes across the story of Ripley Fox, she’s not only intrigued by it but also by Ripley herself.

As the two women attempt to discover if there’s something between them, they’re forced to deal with the realities of what happened to Ripley and how Kenna’s career doesn’t make it easy for Ripley to let go of what she’s tried to forget for the past twenty years.


“I waited, Kenna. I waited, and I thought I’d never have anything resembling love of any kind in my life, but there you were. And you love me. You love all of me. You don’t try to fix me. You don’t force me to do things I’m not ready for. You’re there for me, and you just love me.”

― Nicole Pyland, The Fire