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When a book ends with two people in love, sometimes, we get to see the characters move in together, get engaged, get married, have kids, or start all over in another city. In some of my books, the couples get engaged, while in others, they take some of those different steps.

I write the endings that I think would be perfect for those characters. Then, I often catch myself wondering how they got engaged. Who proposed? How did she do it? Since I only write that moment in some of my books, I decided to write the proposal scenes for the books that didn’t include them.

It gives you a glimpse into one of the most important moments in the lives of these characters. I hope you enjoy one more moment of love between two women as they share their lives together.

Featured couples:

• Charlie & Hailey (Just Tell Her)

• Kenna and Ripley (The Fire)

• Dylan & Ada (The Disappeared)

• Macon & Joanna (Macon's Heart)

• Hillary & Amara (This Above All)

• Kellan & Reese (Keep Tahoe Blue)

• Kinsley & Riley (Time of Day)

• Adler & Morgan (The Perfect View)

• Chris & Paxton (Begin Again)

• Dani & Peyton (No After You)

• Kenzie & Lennox (All the Love Songs)