Tahoe Series Book 1



Lesbian Romance


Adventures in Nature, MC is Veterinarian, MC with Chronic Illness


Kindle, Paperback

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Kellan Cobb had to get out of San Francisco. She’d just watched her ex-girlfriend meet the woman of her dreams. Her broken heart needed a break from it all, and Lake Tahoe was calling her name.

Reese Lee has a secret. Only her twin sister knows the one thing Reese hasn’t even told the closest people around her. When she meets Kellan at a fun weekend game of beach football, she knows there’s something interesting about the tourist. She’s never had a problem wining, dining, and sometimes bedding the tourists that strolled into the lake town. But with Kellan, she might just see the possibility of more.

Kellan is determined to address the loneliness in her heart. Reese is determined to keep her secret for fear it would change the way people see her. As the two women try to navigate their attraction, they each have to give up something their holding onto that could prevent them from finding what they’ve both been looking for all along.


“I think everyone deserves to have someone make them their number one priority at least once in their life.”

― Nicole Pyland, Keep Tahoe Blue

“This is stupid. We’re not fourteen. I like you. You like me. Let’s go out.”

― Nicole Pyland, Keep Tahoe Blue

“I think when we meet someone that isn’t interested in us like that, it’s best to just move along. I don’t think you should have to convince the person you’re meant to be with to be with you.”

― Nicole Pyland, Keep Tahoe Blue