San Francisco Series Book 1



Lesbian Romance


Opposites Attract, Forced to Work Together, MC is Business Owner


Kindle, Paperback

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Emma Colton left her life behind when she moved from Chicago to San Francisco. She has a new job at the Health Department, a tiny apartment, and has dealt with being unlucky in love for most of her adult life. She’s hoping a new city and a fresh outlook will help her find the woman she’s been waiting for.

Keira Worthy has had a rough few years. She lost her best friend and business partner almost immediately after starting their dream event planning company. She’s barely hanging on financially and takes a job for the Health Department in hopes of landing more customers if it goes well. When she meets her liaison, Emma, under not the best circumstances – sparks fly. And not the good kind of sparks.

When they bump into one another at a lesbian singles night, they have to decide if they want to take the chance on something that could possibly be forever.


“I know the obvious things I love about her, but sometimes, I’ll just look at her and wonder how it all works. Like, what was it about her that drew me in? What was it about me that did the same for her? We’d both dated other women before, and the relationships hadn’t worked out. What makes this one different? There’s something there connecting us, but it’s like neither of us wants to ruin the mystery or reveal the magic.”

― Nicole Pyland, Checking the Right Box

“I’m a one-woman woman, and I want total commitment. I’ve never been a fan of those date around things in the beginning either. I like exclusivity from the start.”

― Nicole Pyland, Checking the Right Box