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Book Fairy Giveaway

Sure, you have an Amazon Wishlist filled with books, but you’d have to buy those. What if an author you like had a feature on their website where you could create your own Wishlist of their books? What if, at the end of every month, that author randomly picked one of those books to give to you for free?

Hi, I’m that author, and this is my Book Fairy Giveaway page, where you can learn how to add books of mine to your Profile on my site.

At the end of each month, I will randomly select a winner and send you that free e-book you’ve mentioned in your profile.
If you are outside the US and aren’t able to receive a free e-book through Amazon because of the platform’s market restrictions, I'll send you an e-gift card for the same amount so you’d be able to grab the e-book from your local Amazon marketplace.

Sound like something you’d want to do? Read all about it below and start your profile or add your book to the profile you already have.

2022 - BOOK FAIRY.jpg

On my website, you can create your login, and when you do so, you’ll have the opportunity to build your reader profile. On that profile, I’ve put a few book questions for you (favorite character, couple, etc.), and you’ll see a field for something I’m calling a “Book Fairy Title.”

There, if you put in a book of mine you maybe haven’t bought/read yet, or you have it on Kindle Unlimited and want to own it so you don’t have to shuffle limited title space, you can enter that book in this field.

At the end of each month starting this January, 2022, I will randomly draw one winner, and they will receive the e-book that was listed by them in that box. You might even see me mention in upcoming newsletters to make sure your “Book Fairy” request is up to date because I’ll be drawing the winner soon.

Both, creating a login and Book Fairy participation, are completely optional and are not required to interact with this website. My hope is that my readers are able to interact with me and my books more, and I'm happy to give back to the community for all the support you've provided me since I started publishing my stories.


This is where you can put/change your Book Fairy request.

Profile pages are accessible through Blog & Login pages.

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