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Week 39: Summer & Lena

(surprise vacation)

“You’re sure she doesn’t know?” Summer asked Charlie.

“She’s your wife, Summer.”

“I know that. I’m asking if you two talked about it when you hung out the other day.”

“No, we didn’t talk about this surprise vacation you’ve been planning for the two of you since you’ve told me and my wife that it’s a surprise at least a dozen times.”

“Hey, do you know how hard it is to surprise a woman who has everything with something she’s been asking for and you haven’t been able to give it to her until now?”

“Weird question, Summer,” Hailey said when she walked over to the table and placed a to-go cup of coffee in front of her wife. “You ready, babe?”

“Yes. Summer is mid freak-out, though, so maybe Aunt Eva and Aunt Ember can watch the kids for another hour while we help her through it.”

“I’m not mid freak-out,” Summer replied. “I’ve been planning this thing for months.”

“We know. And today is the day. Go surprise your wife now, Summer. She doesn’t know, okay?” Hailey reiterated.

“Are you sure?”

“Oh, my God.” Charlie laughed as she stood from the table in their favorite café. “We’re going to pick our kids up from their sleepover with their aunts and cousin, and you’re going home to tell your wife about this trip. Don’t forget to actually bring her the coffee you said you were going to pick up for her.”

“Shit,” Summer said and quickly joined the line at the counter. 

Thirty minutes later, she arrived home, where her wife was lying in bed with her computer in her lap, waiting for the coffee Summer had insisted on picking up for them because she’d wanted to check with Charlie that Lena knew nothing about her plans. 

“Hey, babe,” Lena greeted, looking up at Summer through those glasses that Summer still loved taking off her and putting back on at the same time.

“Hi. I’ve got coffee and pastries. You can have your pick: coffee with coffee cake, or coffee with a cranberry muffin?”

“Whatever you don’t want is fine. Or, we can share.”

“Sharing is good.” Summer set the bag with the handle on the bed. “And can you maybe close that computer for a minute? I have something I want to talk to you about.”

“Something good or something bad?” Lena asked, closing the computer.

“Hopefully, something good.”

After Summer put their coffees on the table by Lena, she moved Lena’s computer to her own side of the bed and climbed on top of her, straddling Lena’s hips.

“Um… This doesn’t look like talking, Summer.” Lena’s hands went to Summer’s thighs.

Summer smiled down at her and said, “You know how I’ve always had a problem taking time off work, doing too much, taking care of my family more than I probably should because they need to do things for themselves, and-”

“What did Seth do now?”

“No, nothing. This isn’t about my brother. It’s about us.” Summer placed her hands on Lena’s stomach.

“Okay…” Lena said in that tone that Summer knew meant she was reserving judgment until Summer told her what was going on.

Summer pulled a piece of paper out of her back pocket and held it out to her wife.

“Can you read this for me?”

Lena took it from her and unfolded it.

“What is this?” she asked after a moment.

“I’ve planned a trip for us.”

“A what?”

“A trip. I wanted to plan the whole thing, but mainly just the flights, hotels, and everything like that so we have a way there and a place to stay, but I didn’t overplan, I promise. It’s supposed to be relaxing.”

“Summer, this says we’re going to Spain.”

“Yes, the south of Spain and the south of France. You didn’t get that far yet, did you?”


“Beaches, bikinis, sangria, wine, good food, relaxation. No work. Just us.”

“You planned a trip?”

“Yes. And I’ll even turn my phone off, if you want. I just want two weeks on a beach with my wife. Well, we don’t have to be on beaches the whole time. We can go to museums and stuff, too; whatever we want. My family and our friends know to leave me alone - leave us alone. I haven’t told the staff because I didn’t want the surprise to get out, but we can tell them now. They’ll leave us alone as well, and I will be all yours - even though I already am.”

“Babe…” Lena smiled softly back up at Summer.

“Is it okay? Things aren’t exactly refundable, but I-”

“Summer, this is amazing. Thank you!” Lena dropped the piece of paper with their itinerary on it on the bed next to them. “Come down here and kiss me.” She wrapped her arms around Summer’s neck and pulled her down, not giving Summer much of an option before she kissed her deeply. 

“In my rambling, I forgot to mention what else will be included on our trip. You know, with the beaches, bikinis, and all that.”

“Okay. What?”

“A lot of this,” Summer replied with a smile and kissed her wife again.

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